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It was an ordinary day at the Rainbow Bridge, sunny and warm, and all the creatures were playing or resting while waiting for their people who had loved them on Earth.

Suddenly the tranquility was broken by a sound like thunder, which most  residents could just barely remember. The sound got louder and louder, a  powerful, rhythmic pounding until a crowd formed
to see what it could possibly be.

Finally, within a cloud of dust appeared a magnificent stallion, snorting and galloping across the Rainbow Bridge into eternity. The animals knew that Geaux Rocket Ride had arrived, on four strong legs,
 never to limp or be in pain again, while he waits for all his people who loved him so much.


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2 Answers

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Beautiful, Blue Jay!

RIP Rocket

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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What SandyGirl said!! I am so sad and Practical Move had a heart attack!! Too much sadness! I am scared to watch this year, even more than usual! 

Lovely words, Blue Jay! Thank you!

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Welcome Sandy and pony!


Cody Dorman, the 17-year-old Kentuckian at the heart of the most emotionally-charged story during this year's Breeders' Cup World Championships, died Nov. 5 on his way home after watching his namesake Cody`s Wish win his second consecutive Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile (G1), according to the Dorman family.

"We are heartbroken to share the news that our beloved Cody suffered a medical event on our trip home to Kentucky yesterday and he has passed away," read a statement from the family. "On Saturday, Cody watched his best friend, Cody's Wish, display his usual perseverance and toughness in winning a second Breeders' Cup. Those are the same characteristics Cody has showed time and again for the 18 years we were blessed to have him. We have been completely amazed to experience the impact Cody has had on so many people, through the journey that this wondrous racehorse has taken us all on. From Churchill Downs, to Keeneland, to Saratoga to Santa Anita this weekend, we could not move 20 feet without someone stopping to tell us just that."

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So sad!! He will never be forgotten!!


I would say there was definitely a divine intervention from the day Cody and Cody's Wish met! Soo beautiful to connect in such a touching way and then go through so much together.

May they both find continued comfort in heaven and on earth. May Cody RIP in heaven while Cody's Wish continues his stride here on earth.

Thank you for sharing, Blue Jay! : )

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