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+2 votes

Do you prefer road tips or flying when you go on vacation? 

If you're more of a flyer, which airlines and travel class will you choose?

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5 Answers

+2 votes

When the trip is equal to a week  or longer and is between 600 and 800 miles, I usually drive.  If a week or less, then I'll fly.  If I have to go from one meeting in Orlando to another in Myrtle Beach, then I'll fly to Orlando from Pittsburgh, from Orlando to Myrtle Beach and from Myrtle Beach back to Pittsburgh.

When it's family vacations, we will take our bicycles with us.  We definitely drive when we go to Florida in January of each year and stay for 3-5 weeks, ending up in Hilton Head and then driving back from there.

When flying, I prefer to fly Southwest because there is no extra charge for a checked bag and they have always treated me well.  If Southwest doesn't have the route, then I'll go either American or Delta. Both of them have been good carriers for me.  I am looking forward to trying out Breeze Airlines, a new player in the market.  I heard a couple of rave reviews of all that is provided at a decent cost with this new airline.  When I get the chance, I'll try them out!  

For booking Southwest, I'll usually book the lowest fare possible.  For American Airlines, I'll often book Main Cabin instead of Economy because I can get better seating, earlier boarding, and have a free checked bag.  If flying Economy and paying extra for a checked bag, etc., it's not that much more to go Main Cabin.  AND... sometimes, depending on which flight you book, you can get a first class seat for not much more than the Main Cabin.  (Of course, at other times, it's WAY more.)

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I really like road trips myself b/c the wife is excellent at audio controls (music or podcasts) during the ride. 

I haven't had a bad experience with Southwest and they would be second. I started flying Delta and have loved it ever since. Also fell in love with first class. Treated myself to it during our most recent trip to Mexico and been hooked. The added legroom accommodates me well as a bigger man. 

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I'd prefer flying if it were cheaper and there were more flights to places I want to go out of my local airports. Seems there isn't, I drive. Plus my car's seats are more comfortable, have more leg room, no baggage fees and better snacks. :) I'd rather spend 16 hours driving $20 bucks in tolls and $100 in gas to see my family than $800+ plus in tickets for an indirect flight . 
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The smaller airports have ridiculously higher rates. What are your go-to snacks on the road?

True, the closest one to me it is an international airport but it is still small. There are three other, larger, airports within about a 3 hour drive depending on if I go north, west, or south but they are still pricey. 

As for snacks, I'll bake something before heading on the road so I have things like scones or cookies. Typically I'm not a huge snack-person so they are more for my husband and son. 
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I really enjoy road trips but if over a 6 hour drive I prefer to fly. Delta is my airline choice .Delta does cost more but it offers a high quality service. Safety means a lot to me and they are one of the best rated for that.. Plus, Delta is very reliable and is spacious with wider seats. Large network of destinations, and great perks.  I usually fly business class, which I prefer but I have flown economy when tickets where already purchased. Each year a group of my friends go on a friends trip and we take turns purchasing so whatever they choose they choose. For long flights I prefer first class because they have private suits with a separate bed and a shower available. So, it depends on what, where, why, and how far the trip is. It's not a one size fits all things for me.

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a bed and shower available ... ?

I'm unaware of this choice.  Please share!

You say a bed and shower? I'm curious.....

As you know I travel around the world for my job. Not as much anymore, as I'm winding down. However, I've provided two links below is for you King, and Media to answer your shower question. It's actually a wonderful experience.


Very chic!  I thought you were still talking about Delta rather than the Airbus for international travel.  I could not for the LIFE of me figure out what Delta flight had a shower, and I was determined to book a flight for that reason!  ;-)

On your next trip, let King and me know... maybe we'll book, too!  LOL


We plan on going across seas next year. Maybe this will be an option...

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I am a road trip guy.  I like road trips.  If I can I will drive.  Sometimes I have to fly to get to where I can start to drive.  For example, fly to Scotland then drive around.  But the wife won't let me drive in foreign countries anymore.  

For flying, I go with any airline that gets me where I want to go, when I want to go,  at the lowest price.  I also pick the least amount of stops.  Takeoffs and landings make me sick. 

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I can’t travel comfortably by any means now that I have severe Psoriatic Arthritis. However, I second Sandygirl’s choice of Delta!

I am a small and don’t fly often so seat size, legroom isn’t an issue for me. 5’4” and 125 lbs. When I last flew 3 separate trips to San Diego, Ca in a short period of time I could tell the seats were smaller and leg room less… On the last return trip home to Cincinnati my eardrum burst mid flight! Now I know possibly why babies scream! I had forgotten to pack bubble gum, as I can get allergies or sinus issues without warning. Of course the airline doesn’t carry that item for obvious reasons! Meals are sparse and quality okay… At least Delta doesn’t lose our luggage!

My guy is 6’ even and 200+lbs. He looked like a folded up giraffe with no room for his long legs. If you are tall I suggest asking for a seat by the side exit door. (More legroom there!) If I could have afforded it first class would have been preferred for a longer trip.

So you have all the traveler trauma mentioned above orrr you can hit the multiple interstate highways that stretch north-south or east-west here in the US. We seldom have a easy drive on I-75 during our multiple doctors appointments between us. Seems like coming or going some fool is obsessed to drive 95mph and changing lanes without using a turn signal weaving treacherously through traffic! This is mid-day, mid-week and not weekend or holiday travel!

Good luck!

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I-75.... straight shot from Michigan to all parts south. My worst part of it is through Ohio. I've had run ins with the state troopers. 

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