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Is it a real issue or just something silly to talk about? Do cross dressers just want sexual stimulation when they wear the clothes of the opposite sex? Should former men be able to participate in Women's sports? Why do they need civil rights, what rights do they want? Do you have trouble being serious when you see a guy with a beard wearing a dress?

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Here’s my take I am all for individual freedom of choice in one’s clothing…

BUT…. If your surgeon, lawyer , real estate agent or future employee shows up dressed as the opposite sex how does one respond?

I don’t believe in ridiculing anyone for their personal choices in their own home but let’s be honest most of us who manage people will not hire cross dressers for high-end customer relations jobs.

Also if I had/have spent an untold amount of money for my daughter’s gymnastics lessons, swimming coaches , pool time I would not appreciate a individual who is an intact male competing against my daughter in sports. Or for that matter an individual who developed through puberty as a male and received the advantages of superior muscular development etc by natural testosterone. Let them compete in their own trans league.

I’ll let the Trans community speak to what satisfaction they get from cross dressing or what actual “rights” they are specifically striving for.

In retail I had several cross dressers ask to use the women’s dressing rooms. I always placed them in a private unisex dressing room and never letting on to the contrary.

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You should be able to wear any clothes that you.  In Scotland guys wear kilts.  They claimed that if you wore underwear under it, it would be called a skirt.  There are cultures where guys wear nail polish and makeup.  Crossdressing is a non issue.

Transsexual is a tougher issue.  Men who transition to female and want to play sports and visa versa probably should have the opportunity.  

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The right to freedom of expression exist. But so do dress codes.Therefore, I would suggest if a dress code is in place then people need to honor that. In general, it's always smart to know your audience. Not only for Pete's sake but for safety's sake.

Regarding the rights of transgender people in sports; in the United that happens to vary from state to state. I'm OK with it as long as it's about fair play, with a full transition necessary in order to make it so.

Life is in each of our own hands to choose how we wish live, and  how we want to lead it. There's the right way and the wrong way on how to handle things. Best done with kindness, open mindedness, and understanding. As long as people realize these tools, and that everyone is different the better off everyone will be. The choice is ours. We can either build bridges or create barriers. Regardless, no matter how hard we work to change things, there will always be people on the opposite side of the fence.

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I was going to answer this question, but I could not have written a better post than the one you have composed.

My only regret is that I can give you only one "up" vote.  Well done, Sandy!


Thank you, my Media friend. That compliment certainly means a lot coming from you! 

: )

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Basic human and civil rights, yes. 

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