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I never see them anymore except on TV. I wonder if they still happen.

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4 Answers

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Yes.  Just one time.  While I was going to college, I went to a dance, drank a bit to much and must have annoyed someone a bit too.much.  As I was walking back to my car, he accosted me and hit me right on the chin.  Surprised me.  I laughed, turned and walked away.  Next day my jaw hurt.  I never understood what it was about.

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So you had a sore jaw and you never found out why? That's funny. lol


I knew why my jaw was sore.  I never knew why he hit me.  Lol.

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I was in a fist fight in either junior high or early high school.  There was a kid who was actually a friend, but for some reason, he decided he "had" to fight me.  He was smaller and lighter and not as strong, so I kept telling him I wouldn't fight him, and I kept asking him what I had done to make him so angry and intent on fighting me.

I never found out the motivation.  I finally agreed to fight him at his choice of location, which was in a place where there was no one else around to watch.  I showed up and he said, "OK, let's fight!"  I told him I wasn't going to fight him, but he threw three or four punches before I decided I really didn't have a choice.  I hit him back but held off on hitting too hard.  I mostly just punched him in the arm and blocked his punches at me with my forearms.  Eventually, he got tired, and I said, "OK, can we call this fight over?"  He dropped his arms and walked away without saying a word.  

I never did find out what that "fight" was all about.  

The only other "fights" I had was the occasional student who decided to strike out at me rather than listen to me.  One student was a pretty big kid who had been suspended a lot and was still in his third year as a freshman.  He said he was going to leave class and go to the rest room.  I told him to wait because there were only two minutes before the bell.  He stood up and walked towards the door.  I stood in the doorway and blocked it.  I told him, "Sit down, Bill."  He came right up to me and tried to chest bump me out of the doorway.  I put my index finger into the soft spot right beneath the sternum and buried past the first knuckle (it's a very tender pressure point; try it on yourself if you didn't know this).  He backed off with me pushing him back with one finger, and some of his buddies in the class started egging him on, "Hit him, Bill!  Hit him!"  Bill and I faced off eye to eye for a moment with my finger still buried below his sternum.  He then broke it off, backed up away from me, and said, "I'm not afraid of you.  I'm not afraid of Mr. F______ (the assistant principal and disciplinarian of the school), either."  I told him, "I know that Bill.  I know that.  That's the worst part.  You're not smart enough to be afraid of either one of us."  He was removed from school before the week was out.

Fist fights are, for the most part, ridiculous and unnecessary.  Only fools start them, and only those who aren't smart enough to figure out how to respond in some other effective way get sucked into them, myself included.

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Very reasonable way to handle nonsense like this, Media. CONGRATULATIONS to you!

So both fights were started by someone else for no reason. Its amazing what people do for no reason.

I hope the second kid joined the military, otherwise it was jail or the mafia for him.

I lost track of him after he was expelled, but my guess is he didn't live inside the legal lines and may or may not be a free man today.  My guess is he is either imprisoned or dead from his illegal hobbies.

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Not an actual “fist fight.” But I was assaulted at work by a young man who decided stupidly to swat my crotch as I bent over. I reflexively gave a round house kick, and hit his ribs breaking them. There was a loud “pop”and his groan was audible.

I hadn’t thought about the fact that I was wearing steel toed shoes at the time! I am sure it added to his injuries.

Evidently when he saw me bend over it seemed like a funny idea? He lost his sense of humor really quick.

I never had anyone at work attempt to swat me after that!

The Leftists have left us!

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That's a great story, you sound like a real tough cookie, thanks.

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I've had a fair share and most happened in my childhood. Some I won, others I lost. I hate physical violence because getting to that point requires a level of not giving a fuck that I don't want to invoke. I've held multiple positions where confrontation is nearly guaranteed. I never go looking for the action but being in those situations require fast decision-making for your health and safety. A huge fight ensued during my time as a bouncer. A guy was hit in the face with a bottle and it broke the entire orbital bone. His eye had to be held in with a blood soaked towel. We spent the evening mopping up pools of blood and disinfecting the whole venue with bleach. 

I believe people in general should be trained in handling multiple situations. Wrist locks, choke holds, and takedown are effective to end fights without applying maximum effort to intentionally or permanently maim the other party. However, people must know that adversive actions such as fist fights can breed reactions that come with built in consequences, regardless of one's intent or anticipation of such. Some trainers will teach skills with the sole purpose of stopping/eliminating the threat. When you are getting someone off of you or eliminating a threat to your household and all its inhabitants, then all bets are off. 

Boxing, BJJ, Judo, kickboxing, and other forms of hand to hand combat are good for that reason. 

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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