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5 Answers

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I've answered a similar question before. My answer is the same! 

Gender makes no difference to me. I would vote for a women (or man) who's a qualified United States citizen, with proven character with outstanding leadership experience. One who absolutely leads by example. Who has success in business organizational leadership skills. With a law degree a must. Awareness in order to predict and to understand current conditions; domestically and internationally. One who is able to negotiate with other politicians, not only the House of Representatives, Senate, but with other foreign dignitaries and leaders. Also, most understand the role of the military; capacity, terms, and strategy of each division. He or she must actively be aware of the world as a whole, (at all times). And, has working knowledge of science, the environment, and naturallyspeaking the economy. I want to hear talks about solid policies, on healthcare, immigration, education, jobs, etc.. He or she must be open and transparent with the willingness to join together for a common purpose.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (574,610 points)

So, someone like D.J. Trump then.  



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Many countries in the world have or have had women in charge.  The United States is not "special."  There's no need for us to have a male President.  SHOULD we have a female President?  Not necessarily... but if the best PERSON for the job is female, then yes, we should.

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Women often do a better job than men. I can give you many examples.

The problem though is the system not the person in-charge.

Game Over.

Life is what you make it.

by (4,063,911 points)
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Should?  I don't know.  But it is hard to believe that a woman, any woman, could be any worse than the recent crop of men that we have had as president.  

by (1,571,280 points)
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Their sex, ethnicity, race,religion or actually their personality is not what I vote for.

These characteristics are important to me:

Peace through strength =. Not appeasing dictators 

Business experience 

Solutions oriented- A wall works… duh

No electric car mandates - My car my choice!

Open our oil production- we are a fossil fuel economy 

Moderate view on abortion.. neither 6 weeks or 9 months 

Someone who  isn’t swayed by the Alt Right or Extreme left of their party!

It’s the economy, stupid-James Carville

Finding a candidate that meets all of these? Not that easy!

The Leftists have left us!

by (1,068,480 points)
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