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...or will he improve the image of Republican Speaker of the House?

A young and untested Mike Johnson takes control of the US Republican House of Representatives. The House basically punted; he was the only man still standing after all the heavy-weights fumbled the ball. He only has 5 years experience. What can we expect of him?

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All things considered about how he got to the position, his lack of experience for the duties of the position, the fractured nature of the party itself, his extreme positions on so many different hot-button issues...  I think his time as Speaker of the House is extremely limited.  To be honest, I'm not sure that ANYone the Republicans put in that position at this time has even a chance of any long-term success.  

In short, I'm afraid his tenure is pretty much doomed regardless of what he does.
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Congresses approval rating is at an all time low! Overall they are as well regarded as the proverbial “turd in the punch bowl!”

Both political parties play political games at the expense of the American tax payers. 

He seems like an honest enough fellow, but honesty isn’t well regarded in Washington, DC.

Money, gamesmanship and corruption seems to be what greases the political wheels, so I like Media don’t think he’s likely to survive all the wheeling and dealing long term.

The world is on fire and our politicians seem hell bent on adding accelerant on every possible political situation.

I am not an optimist, I am a realist and our state of affairs here in the US is tenuous to say the least. I don’t blame the opposite party, they all are basically all out for themselves first, last and always! It’s the us vs them mentally that will eventually be our country’s undoing!

Straight vs LGBTQ+ 

Men vs Women

Rich vs Poor

Palestinian vs Jew

White vs Black

Criminals vs Cops

Dirty cops vs citizens of color 

Young vs Old

Satanists vs Godly people 

Gangs vs Gangs 

Extreme Leftists vs Extreme Right

Marxists vs Capitalists

Abortion Rights Groups vs Pro Lifers

Citizens vs Immigrants 

What country can legitimately endure all this constant internal strife??

I pray that God protects our country from the “forces of evil” and the burning hatred in men’s hearts!

The Leftists have left us!

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