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My plan for donations will be to request 2 times per year. 1st December and 1st June.

December's request is due soon.

All donations are voluntary.

These donations help me personaly and cover the cost of the domain, the web hosting and my time.

I am available throughout the day and night. I also have to deal with spam, constant emails offering SEO and ranking services at a cost obviously and responding to cold calls is never a good idea.

I also have to install SSL certificates which vary in cost. The top of the range you are talking thousands of pounds. However, get it wrong and your customers bank details are at risk so you don't mess about with security. Your details and donations are 100% secure.

I have also had to recently start paying for smtp access as gmail and yahoo now require authentication. Which means if I don't pay for this members do not get emails that AO-R sends to them. So that is now a priority.

Again I thank everyone for their patience and support.

Bluegenel (Blue)

Life is what you make it.

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2 Answers

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Blue... thanks for all you do!  It is my hope that those who are not members here but who visit our site regularly will join our happy band and will contribute, and that all those who are already members of our happy band will keep it happy by contributing.  It's the least we can do for our "family" here! 

by (962,040 points)

Many thanks Media. You're a star.

+2 votes

As in the past my donations are scheduled for you to receive automatically on June 3 and December 3. Unless, requested or needed otherwise. So expect your next donation on your birthday, Blue! 

Thank you for all you do for us, every day. ♡

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (574,610 points)

Thanks Sandy. It's a good day to donate.

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