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Whenever confusion arises after a learning activity, it only means that I definitely need to do more reading, studying, practicing and training.

Insufficient knowledge, skills, and experience with any particular subject usually leads to confusion about it.

The best to really understand any particular subject well is to read a lot, study a lot, practice a lot, and train a lot in it.

After you have read more, studied more, practiced more, and trained more about a particular subject, your level of knowledge, skills, and experiences will naturally go up to the next higher level as soon as possible.

Gradual improvement will be experienced after repeated exposure to the subject over a period of time.

You just have to be patient and continue to work hard until you have gained a much better understanding of the subject itself.

You might struggle and encounter difficulties along the journey of learning a new subject, but do not let any daunting learning tasks hinder from developing full proficiency in the new subject.

Struggling is always a natural byproduct of learning anything new for the first time, you just have to persevere and keep on trying.

Work through any learning pains slowly and carefully, as eventually you will be able to overcome and conquer them effectively.

Read and study as many different books that are written by as many different authors as possible, as each author has their very own unique way of explaining the same theories and concepts.

Some authors might use a very profound way of explaining certain theories and concepts, while other authors might explain similar theories and concepts in a much more easily comprehensible way.

You have to find out which authors of which textbooks are the most suitable for you through trial and error.

Practise on more sample questions and problems as you can.

The same questions and problems that you practice answering and solving, the easier it will get for you to answer and solve them.

Just do it - Nike.

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Thanks for that.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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