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I got to say...MORE of them than I care to admit.

I kept seeing this building...a building that was used for children.

It was on Clarksville Pike.

I would drive up and down, up and down the pike,  LOOKING for it, 

There was so much water and trees in the area that I wouldn't see it, for I am KISSING a big river, until I finally had to just think...

" You are LOSING IT!"

But wait, the building is NOW UP THERE...was used for kids, but the State is doing something with it.'

Now it sits empty...breaking my heart...

A beautiful building, just like in my ...JUMP INTO THE FUTURE ....dream.

I also, had a friend, who passed, he had a dream of doing something near the same area.

I again, drove up and down ...up and down that pike.

But, I still do not have a clue where he wanted to put his  *dream* ,,,but now I think I might have an idea.

It means nothing to me, but I guess I  just wanted to see him accomplish the dream that he was working so hard to achieve.

We called him...Stan the Music Man....sad, truly sad....

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Nope. I always wished that I could experience that just once.  Just like people who  believe in ghosts/the supernatural.  When we  went to Deadwood, I deliberately chose one of their oldest "haunted" hotels for our 4 night stay - The Bullock.    I was so hoping that something would happen - an apparition, a bump in the dark,  anything.  Unfortunately, nothing happened. I want to believe.    I just realized that nearly all of my answers are long-winded rambles lol

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I occasionally see something happening in the near future and the majority are confirmed,

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Only one.  I had a feeling I was going to be fired.  And I was.

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In a workplace you can usually tell these things if you are paying attention.  Other people get the promotion.  You don't get invited to useless meetings.  Some one sends you a job posting that sounds remarkably like the job you have in a nearby town.  Etc.

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A vision of my possible death.  We took precautions, not one of my guys were dead, albeit 3 injured.  37 of the bad guys were buried, do not know about their wounded,  They were of a different tribe so I would suspect their death toll was 100%.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Not a premonition per se, but I’ve dreamed about a conversation and later it happened verbatim.

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