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+3 votes
image the entire tone of the Obama haters....

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

asked Nov 12, 2016 in Featured List by king313 (804,250 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes

That's how I see it. But maybe it's just me....

answered Nov 12, 2016 by justpassingthru (1,170,430 points)
+1 vote

Let's see Trump haters are scared,fearful,living in recoiled sweat!

Obama haters are scared,fearful, were living in recoiled sweat...I mean Fascist,Sexist,Nazi,MotherF**king Xenophobe,Homophobic Racist!

Of course.....!!!

Now I don't see why we all can't get aloooong..Do you???

If you don't like the road your walking on~ Start paving a new one...! Dolly Parton

answered Nov 12, 2016 by lady4u (271,920 points)
Here, let me fix that for you:

"Trump haters are scared,fearful,living in recoiled sweat" as well as "traitors* "moochers"  "losers" "lazy" "sluts" "unAmerican" "misandrist" "elitist" "Communist" "godless" "immoral" "terrorist supporter"

Those are just a few of the insults I've had hurled at me.  Neither side has a monopoly on civility lately.
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