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What's worse than going through a divorce?

+4 votes
asked Nov 16, 2016 in Polls by Afirecracker (746,180 points)

11 Answers

+5 votes

Death Of a loved one

The thing about pain is, it demands to be felt

answered Nov 16, 2016 by Gigi57 (1,855,000 points)
+8 votes

Staying married if you don't want to be there.

answered Nov 16, 2016 by seajaih (220,960 points)
It happened to me.
Sorry to hear that. I hope things are better now. hugs!
The low life died, but I am still cleaning up his mess.
But see...there is a good side to everything.  :)
+6 votes

Losing your home, your children, cancer, staying in an unhappy marriage

That's my secret, Cap; I'm always tired **transforms into Incredible Sloth**

answered Nov 16, 2016 by nocturnal_snow (46,300 points)
+6 votes

Being a punching bag for some drunken man who demeans you, makes you know you are stupid,worthless, unattractive and not worth being alive.

answered Nov 16, 2016 by Cinders717 (1,960,510 points)
What a fool.   His like that deserve everything that's coming their way
+6 votes

Divorce is easy.....There are so many more things to break you down

answered Nov 16, 2016 by Boxer1 (231,250 points)
+5 votes

Getting an STD from some jerk who can't keep his  stuff in his pants! Yeah.., these days there's always that!

If you don't like the road your walking on~ Start paving a new one...! Dolly Parton

answered Nov 16, 2016 by lady4u (277,080 points)
+5 votes

So many things already mentioned. Divorce is nothing if no kids are involved. You break up, eventually your heart mends, the messy things get sorted out and you move on and that should be the end of it for most people. 

answered Nov 16, 2016 by Girlpower (256,900 points)
+5 votes

Death of a partner due to Cancer..... Truly ugly beyond all discription

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

answered Nov 16, 2016 by Archerchef (1,293,330 points)
+2 votes

Getting married, lol

answered Dec 27, 2016 by hearmenow (188,550 points)
+3 votes

Wrose than going through that divorce is making your kids go through it.  Try not to interrupt their schedules, their times with Mom and Dad, their times with the rest of the family also, don't use them,  or put them in the middle of your disagreemenuts or any arguments. Their lives should try to be made to go on as normal as possible. The problems were between the adults, not the children. The best you can hope for is that the adults will continue to act as adults are supposed to act and not resort to acting like overgrown kids. That is where the problems really start. 

"Problems are only opportunities in work clothes. "~Henry J Kaiser

answered Feb 17 by Thundergrljean (51,480 points)
+1 vote

Dying of cancer, watching a loved one die, fighting in a war, being stuck in a coma, living and dying of AIDS, and many more. There are tons of things that are worse than a divorce, but that would take me too long. My question is when did everyone become so divorce-happy? Did people all of a sudden think their marriages were gonna be unicorns and white knights 24/7?

"Tangled is the web we weave when first we practice to deceive." - Sir Walter Raleigh

answered Feb 17 by Heisenberg (425,540 points)
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