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What do you do when a bird craps on your car?

+3 votes

image Do you clean it right away or leave it? 


We Rise By Lifting Others!

asked Nov 18, 2016 in Wildlife by Gigi57 (1,841,710 points)

4 Answers

+2 votes

I clean it as soon as I can because I have heard it ruins the paint.  

The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact.  NDT

answered Nov 18, 2016 by lavender (2,474,980 points)
Yes I was told the same
The comic is cute. I swear that's the convo birds have. lol
Had a bird crap on my truck.  I swear it was like getting super glue off.
+2 votes

I immediately cuss the bird out.

answered Nov 18, 2016 by UnfulfilledDesires (2,741,010 points)
+2 votes

Here is my bird poop story with a happy ending:)  Early spring my toyota parked in front of house every day. Noticed crap all down driver window and door.  Got it all scrubbing off. Next day more crap on driver window and door in HUGE amounts! But the end of the week my door was painted thickly with bird crap!!! Scrubbing it every day didn't help:(  Until neighbor said he saw a bird around the side drivers mirror. Kept watch and soon enough, there he was, He fell in love with his REFLECTION in my driver mirror!!!! I asked everyone here and someone gave me an idea to tie something sparkly to the mirror.  Found the shiny metalic rolled ribbon and tied one long curled piece to my mirror and Voila,, NO MORE BIRD CRAP:)  The end:)  

answered Nov 18, 2016 by Cinders717 (3,392,820 points)
+1 vote

I once saw a card with a cartoon of 2 guys talking in the pub. 

1st guy: "What would you do if a bird crapped on your car?"

2nd guy: "Finish with her." 

Never open doors if you don't dare to walk on through ...

answered Nov 20, 2016 by Tabbycat1 (1,011,510 points)
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