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How would you react to any unreasonable and unfounded insults and criticisms towards you from someone else?

+3 votes

Would you get very angry and insult/ criticize them back?

Or would you just ignore them and stay away from them?

I believe that most people would normally get very upset after being insulted and/ or criticized for something, and they would usually also get very angry as they felt that they were being insulted/ criticized unnecessarily.

Most people would either start an argument or a fight after receiving any insults and/ or criticisms from someone else.

These are all the different negative responses to any rude and offensive insults and/ or criticisms that most people would act out.

I suppose these are all natural responses and reactions of any normal and healthy person.

Very few people would still be able to remain calm and cool after being insulted and criticized unreasonably and for nothing/ no good reason.

There are a number of very annoying and very irritating people who really enjoy insulting and criticizing other people for fun.

They are sick as to be able derive pleasure and satisfaction from abusing other people.

You just have to be aware that they are such sadistic people and do your best to avoid them as much as possible, in order to protect yourself from them attacking you.

Just do it - Nike.

asked Nov 22, 2016 in Philosophy by Ronnio (179,240 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

Take it for what it is worth-consider the source and ignore it.

answered Nov 22, 2016 by Lasuz (801,340 points)
+1 vote

Depends on who it's from.  From family - oh whatever, ignore.   From others - "F you. Who the H are you?"

Dictators ride to & fro on tigers they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.

answered Nov 22, 2016 by lavender (1,141,760 points)
+1 vote

I tend to ignore and stay away from people like that.  I don't mind argueing, but some people go for the personal insult.  I generally just tell them that they are assholes and go away.

answered Nov 22, 2016 by Welloone (496,090 points)
+1 vote

In most cases, avoid it and keep it moving because their opinion holds no real weight. But I'm known for shooting a couple shots back at them..... without fear. Like I said, though, I'm more likely to shrug it off.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

answered Nov 22, 2016 by king313 (506,070 points)
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