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Some way, some how you will prove to be the most ardent patriot

+2 votes

of all and place your star-spangled banner atop _______________?

asked Nov 27, 2016 in Politics by UnfulfilledDesires (1,881,140 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

I do believe in my country.

answered Feb 15 by Lasuz (791,950 points)
+2 votes

Well I have had many international friends. There have been times I had to defend my countrys actions and I am proud to do so.

answered Feb 15 by Cinders717 (1,960,510 points)
+2 votes

If you're asking why the national anthem is racist, I ask why everyone is surprised that Francis Scott Key was a bigot. Most men were back in the 1700's. I suppose you can tweak the words a little, but then not everyone will be happy. There will always be someone dissatisfied who complains.

"Tangled is the web we weave when first we practice to deceive." - Sir Walter Raleigh

answered Feb 15 by Heisenberg (425,540 points)
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