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Propaganda v Advertising

+2 votes

Most people think propaganda is bad and pride themselves for not falling for it- but it hasn't been in the form of recognizable for generations.  Whether it was piano advertisers paying architects to push music rooms or the CIA selling only certain parts of a story to media - it's everywhere creating opinions, building group think, most importantly creating our desires.  what is something you were sold on that the reality doesn't even come close and in hindsight you could probably trace it back to another's interest that created in you the desire to have it?  Be it marriage to a politician to a man cave to women for draft- have you ever bought into something and have the strength and courage to realize you were being sold snake oil?   Your no more sexier, kind, moral, nothing changed about you and your life wasn't improved but someone else's was because you believed it would or believed being associated with it proved you had the the qualities you want? On another note have you ever considered yourself enlightened or educated by voting for a democrat or perhaps hard working and honest voting for a republican?   Is sex even that great or do we just want it to be?

asked Dec 9, 2016 in All The Rest by Afirecracker (909,820 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Both powerful media tools that influence public opinion.

answered Jan 30 by mc2000 (167,080 points)
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