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How do you overcome the steep learning curves of a difficult subject?

+2 votes

Any subject that is generally considered to be hard, difficult, and tough to learn and to understand, usually has a very steep learning curve, because of its inherent high level of difficulty and toughness.

Easy subjects have flat learning curves, because they are relatively easier, simpler, and more straightforward to learn and to understand for people.

Hard, difficult and tough subjects take more time and more effort to learn and to understand than easy, simple, and straightforward subjects.

However, if you are very focused, very determined, and very hard working, you will eventually be able to learn and understand any hard, difficult and tough subjects that you encounter in life.

It might take a lot more time and a lot more effort to learn and to understand any hard, difficult, and tough subjects in life, but it is definitely well worth the extra time and the extra effort to learn and to understand them well.

The more you read, study, practise, and train in any hard, difficult, and tough subjects, the easier it will be for you to become familiar and comfortable with it.

Initially, it might seem to be extremely hard, difficult, and tough, but as time goes on, it will get progressively and gradually easier and easier as you continue to read more, study more, practise more, and train more in any hard, difficult, and tough subject.

You just have to motivate and inspire yourself to continue to stick to and endure through the stressful times in which you are still struggling like crazy.

You will not struggle forever and even if you do struggle a lot, it only lasts for a brief period of time as it is not permanent.

Whenever you feel or experience any confusion or struggle when learning any subject in life, it only means that you have to do more work to be able to get rid of the confusion and the struggles that you are currently having or experiencing.

Reading more books, studying more books, practising answering/ solving more questions/ problems respectively, and training in more simulations, will certainly enable anyone to achieve a higher level of knowledge, skill, and experience in any hard, difficult, and tough subjects.

The more knowledgeable, the more skilfull and the more experienced you are in any hard, difficult and tough subjects, the easier and more confident you will be in dealing with it successfully.

You just have to bear with and tolerate any painful discomforts during the learning process, when you are on the journey to full and complete mastery of any hard, difficult and tough subjects.

Determination, perseverance, persistence, and a tenacious focused mindset are the main critical success factors that will help anyone to achieve success in learning and understanding any hard, difficult, and tough subjects despite encountering difficulties, obstacles, and setbacks along the way to success.

Just do it - Nike.

asked Dec 10, 2016 in Daily Life by Ronnio (241,360 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

Keep reading, when in doubt google.

answered Feb 12 by mc2000 (219,440 points)

In a nutshell. 

Very nicely put.

Thanks Pookie :)

You're welcome, MC. :-)

I glad you found us.

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