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Does your significant other "keep it sexy" for you?  All answers are welcomed, of course, but I'm particularly interested in relationships that are at least a year or longer. 

Does your lady wear sexy nightwear (not necessarily talking about full-on lingerie; perhaps just nice pajamas, a fresh white t-shirt and panties, etc.) or is it ratty shirts with holes/old stains, faded flannels, etc." Does your man wear sexy nightwear like coordinating pajama tops and bottoms, just soft PJ pants, a fresh white tank, etc. or is he in the ratty shirt with holes and stains?

Is your man/lady in the same physical shape they were when you met them or, in the physical shape that you personally find to be the sexiest?  Do they express a desire to keep their body in the shape that appeals to you?

Does he/she dress in ways that you find sexy and appealing?

Now how about you...do you keep it sexy for him/her?

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I slack off sometimes and pull it together sometimes the same could be said for him

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We're still both in shape physically.  We got that covered. 

Night wear varies.  It's always clean, not stained or full of holes and raggedy lol    I typically wear a tank in the summer and maybe a tshirt if it's cold, but we don't wear coordinating nightwear.  

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I would always do that for a lady, and I hope she would do it for herself.  Sexy wear brings confidence.  Both parties must always remember what attracted them to the other.  Before the bills, the kids, the mortgage, that it factor that made you want to spend your life with them.

I would always keep it sexy for her.  She doesn't have to do it for me, but she should want to, for herself

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It wasn't the nightwear.  Confidence is sexy, not vice versa. :)
yes.  She has to be confident to want to wear it.  A woman is sexy covered head to toe if she knows it and believes, and has confidence
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When we first spent the night just sleeping in the same room, I bought us matching Captain America pants lol. And he loved it.  He had Spiderman pillowcases too.  He is 4000 miles away so nothing sexy about that;(

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In spite of this injury I'm now dealing with, I've taken up Yoga and cardio much more seriously. This has elevated my overall game. She keeps everything up and I put in effort as well. It's a wonder why we haven't had a kid yet with all the "keeping Up" that happens. LOL

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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