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+2 votes

to whom do you like to donate?

in Donations by (1,442,160 points)

7 Answers

+2 votes
St. Jude's research center in Memphis, TN.
South West Indian Foundation, Gallup, NM.
by (504,290 points)
+2 votes
Arizona Humane Society, Halo Animal Rescue, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Greenpeace
by (2,278,700 points)
+2 votes

St. Anthony's Diner in San Fran, SPCA, and Michael J Fox's Foundation (Parkison's)

+2 votes

I do not do financial donations they are too frequently misused. 

by (677,910 points)
+2 votes

Not in a position to donate money. But donate items to Goodwill frequently.

by (5,054,560 points)
That's great. I was just thinking of doing that again.
0 votes

what Cinders said!!

by (3,099,990 points)
0 votes

from what ive viewed...the only people getting "donations" aka money is the CEO cuz millions have been donated for years on end and America is still in a shythole, folks are still poor, still hungry, still hurting etc....and it is shameful....if u want 2 donate money, give it 2 that person directly at least you will know they got the money.

by (3,099,990 points)
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