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Have you taken, applied, used or had inserted

+2 votes

any products or medications that were later discovered to be dangerous,  and there were lawsuits filed regarding these meds/products

asked Dec 18, 2016 in Medical by Lasuz (1,296,600 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

Not me, my Mother. Her lung cancer had gone into her shoulder and she as in  horrible pain.  The doctor gave her high doses of Vioxx.  After a few weeks she started having frequent mini strokes, with no permanent damage.  The dangers of this med was not known till a year or two later.  Eventually she had a full blown stroke. We had taken her off that med before then. But I think it had done enough previous damage to have caused the stroke. After she died I could not get involved in the lawsuit. Because if you have a terminal illness they can give you rat poison and doesn't matter! You were going to DIE ANYWAY!!!

answered Dec 18, 2016 by Cinders717 (3,394,000 points)
Oh that is horrible.  I might have gotten involved in the lawsuit but regardless if your loved one is gone what really is the point?
True you are traumatized by the illness and all the hospital, doctor crap that happens, bad treatment, misdiagnosis.  That you don't have the heart of it;(  It cannot bring them back:(((((
0 votes

Only a few items that had been discovered first by lawyers and offered to sue some unknown folks for me.

answered Dec 18, 2016 by carnivaljoe (512,530 points)
0 votes

No, but my sister did.  They gave her Dianette for years to clear her complexion up. 

Never open doors if you don't dare to walk on through ...

answered Dec 18, 2016 by Tabbycat1 (1,011,810 points)
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