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I trim an inch or two, never get haircuts ever. Never trust anyone to cut my hair. Been butchered too many times!

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8 Answers

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Not like that pic  but Yup, I've tried cutting my own hair and it doesn't look good of course, I don't know why I thought I was a hairstylist all of a sudden. 

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+1 vote

Whoa.  Not quite like that lol. How very um...Mullettous.    In between visits to my favorite hair girl, I trim the sides.   

+2 votes

Only my fringe because it was getting in my eyes, but I wasn't impressed with the result. 

by (1,072,000 points)
If I cut  my bangs too short it is a horrid look for me. lol
+1 vote

Only on deployment years ago.  Norelco to my head every morning

by (2,866,640 points)
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Agh! LOL

When the weather starts to warm up in the Spring I get an urge to chop my hair.  I usually go to my stylist and get a cute, long bob but three years ago I just went into the bathroom and chopped off my ponytail.  WTF?  Of course, I had to get it fixed and I haven't cut my hair or had anything beyond a trim since.

by (235,690 points)
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Not out of desperation. Usually it is boredom with my hairstyle and being too impatient to wait on a hair appointment that leads to trimming my own hair. 

by (684,050 points)
+1 vote

Let's just say my stylist isn't going to win any awards.

by (23,460 points)
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I always trim my own hair.  I have curly hair--so--mistakes are not noticed unless you really, REALLY screw it up.  For a new style......I'd go to a shop.

Since I have hit big old menopause--my curls have diminished have to be more careful...  :D

ago by (14,370 points)
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