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Apparently there is a hard limit to how many posts can be held in the database...

+4 votes

and that number is... 4 billion, give or take a few thousand.

Thought you might like to know.

That thing you did. Do it again.

asked Dec 24, 2016 in Website F.A.Q.s by Bluegenel (1,642,781 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes

Can't you just dump the previous ones after a certain number? What's in the past, is in the past.

answered Dec 24, 2016 by seajaih (219,700 points)
Excuse me, Maam........logic is not allowed!
Oh haha I keep forgetting that.
The more content the better when talking about attracting traffic to the site. So the answer to your question is no. All the archives are now easily searchable as well. My OP was not completely serious though just in case you missed it.
Thanks Blue.  That's okay, I never know when anyone is serious here, so I just answer from whatever it sounds like at the time.
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