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Do you like to show off in front of your girl friend or wife?

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Is he cheating and how do I break up with him? Help!

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That thing you did. Do it again.

asked Jan 30 in Featured List by Bluegenel (1,984,911 points)

7 Answers

+5 votes

Give me one week, and you have a deal

The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact.  NDT

answered Jan 1 by lavender (2,504,280 points)
+8 votes

Submitted my monthly contribution for the New Year, but as mentioned previously I don't mind ads.

answered Jan 1 by Lasuz (1,298,200 points)
I second that. I don't mind ads either.  Whatever helps the site.
+6 votes

Re: My last donation - can only do that amount once, maybe twice annually.... sorry, Joe.

answered Jan 1 by carnivaljoe (512,530 points)
+4 votes

My S/O is still valid but I've had a brilliant idea...

Start a swear box!!! It it brilliant? 

Every time someone does @@##$$ they pay a sum of money.

Oh wait.. ill rethink it and get back to you.

Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.

answered Jan 12 by Glasgowbelle (1,370,050 points)

I'd be effed

Thanks GB. I think it's an excellent idea. Perhaps we should have a Politics Box as well.

Sure, set me up to fail.  :P

+2 votes
I am going to hit at you on Friday.  Thanks, Blueberry

The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact.  NDT

answered Jan 30 by lavender (2,504,280 points)

Thank you.

+3 votes

I get paid Weds Feb 8 -  hang in there, dude!! 

answered Jan 30 by justpassingthru (1,169,710 points)
0 votes

Glad to hear it's working out for you. Right now I'm in the process of moving, but I'll be happy to pitch in. Is there an off chance you can maybe one day help promote my YouTube channel in exchange? If not, that's okay.

"Tangled is the web we weave when first we practice to deceive." - Sir Walter Raleigh

answered Feb 16 by Heisenberg (555,750 points)
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