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Another January birthday!

+5 votes

Aloha Friends as another birthday is coming up today, Monday, January 2nd as today is Amandasboy's birthday so let's wish him well!

asked Jan 2 in Birthdays by Hulagirl55 (60,160 points)

8 Answers

+4 votes

Happy Birthday to Amandasboy!

That thing you did. Do it again.

answered Jan 2 by Bluegenel (1,639,621 points)
+2 votes

Happy Birthday Amandasboy!

answered Jan 2 by WOLF (569,500 points)
+2 votes

Happy Birthday to Amandasboy and anyone else who has a birthday today.

Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount and the tigers are getting hungry

answered Jan 2 by lavender (1,781,030 points)
+1 vote

Haven't seen him in ages ...hope all is well with him on this birthday.

answered Jan 2 by UnfulfilledDesires (2,297,820 points)
+1 vote

Many happy returns to him! 

Never open doors if you don't dare to walk on through ...

answered Jan 2 by Tabbycat1 (906,280 points)
+1 vote

Have a wonderful Day Amandasboy!

answered Jan 2 by Cinders717 (2,705,210 points)
+1 vote

Happy birthday and God bless!!

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

answered Jan 2 by king313 (636,860 points)
0 votes

Happy birthday!

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

answered Jan 3 by curiousguy (583,900 points)
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