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Do you think the poor special needs white guy who recently got beat up by black teens...

+3 votes

Will get to visit Trump at the White house in as little as 15 days? Obama hates whites so he obviously won't denounce their actions.

That, and Chicago won't recognize this as a hate crime, when the live broadcast of the teens used race as an excuse to beat him up. Too much "White Privilege" for everyone to handle?

"You are Fake News"

asked Jan 5 in Politics by Jillopo (329,100 points)
Finally, after several hours of the easiest investigation of their lifetimes, the crime falls under hate crime laws. Took them long enough to point out the obvious.

Amazing isn't it?  Even more amazing are the libtards on CNN, who blatantly defend the attackers.

They're sabotaging themselves and it's glorious -did you see the recent fake news crap they published? lol --after calling everyone else fake news, that **** flies right back in their ugly, SMUG faces!

3 Answers

+7 votes

This case is beyond disgusting. How do human beings get to be that sadistic? I don't care what color they are - this is the behavior of savages. 

"... Chicago won't recognize this as a hate crime..."

That's a premature statement, though. They haven't made a decision on that. If they don't call it a hate crime, THAT is a crime. 

answered Jan 5 by justpassingthru (1,232,450 points)
The evidence is all over the live broadcast..how much more proof do they need? It's like they're purposely trying to beat around the bush to try and not offend "BLM" -**** that hate group!

Agree 100% with JPT. However, I see Jill huffing and puffing about it being prematurely tied to BLM. HOW?!! LOL. 

So every crime that happens where Blacks are part of it are automatically tied with no actual tangible proof.

It's actually funny that some of y'all have that group on the the tip of your tongues like spit.

BLM is a hate group inciting riots, civil unrest, property vandalism, assaults, and much more. This was a racially charged crime and BLM played their part by fueling more hatred towards whites.

I  must have missed it -did BLM endorse Trump or denounce the attack? Shaun King certainly isn't denouncing the attacks -and if he did, show me.

It's a hate crime and the instigators are going to have to face the music for it based on the victim's disability and race. "Justice was swift". I won't even bother to ask would justice be equally swift if the victim was Black.... we (should) know the answer.

BUT LIKE I SAID, HOW IS BLM responsible for this group's actions? They took it upon themselves to do this atrocity. Your claims have never been once backed by proof of BLM with vandalism and assaults, you just regurgitate ad verbatim what you wished were there. 

Not that I actually keep up with Mr. King but he actually does denounce it here:

BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE THING JILL. You have a habit of picking and choosing ****.

BLM is a hate group with massive influence on the black communities across the country. They're creating the hostility towards a specific race and condoning the behavior. **** BLM.

I'll read your ******** later --I gotta get ready for WORK. Yes, work. I'm not liberal.

You sure the correct word is "massive"? You don't live in or near those communities. The influence isn't what you think so don't believe the hype. I know, I'm there every day in some capacity. Only thing you've worked is your mouth.

+3 votes

This is something that I take very personal, because I am differently abled.  Very minor, when you think about it, but I am differently abled.  It takes a real scumbag to harm a person who can't defend themselves.  There are so many ignorant people in this world that it makes me sick.  I get stared at daily just because.  A differently abled person bleeds the same blood, has the same emotions, can do the same things as any able bodied person, they just might do things a little different.

I have always been open with others about how I was born.  I would rather they ask me and understand than be ignorant.  It hurt me reading about it.

Differently abled people are not broken or malfunctioned

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

answered Jan 6 by curiousguy (837,970 points)

Attacking and harming any individual on the basis of the colour of their skin or because they have some sort of disability or difference is EVIL, AND WRONG!!! No matter what group they are from or what POLITICAL PARTY THEY SUPPORT!!  I hope that justice will be served to ANYONE who acts to hurt any individual

+1 vote

"Obama hates whites so..."???   Wasn't his mother white?  Does that mean he hates his mother?  Your statement doesn't make sense. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing       -Socrates

answered Jan 15 by Amy1022 (157,810 points)

I have black friends but liberals tell me I'm still racist, so there's that.

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