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While Trump isn't officially our President as yet

+2 votes

once  he is, could he be accused of treason considering his relationship (or alleged relationship) with Putin?

asked Jan 6 in Politics by Lasuz (801,340 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

I hope so, but I am sure the little rat scum won't be.   I am crossing my fingers, my eyes, my legs, arms..everything, in the hopes that he will be. 

Dictators ride to & fro on tigers they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.

answered Jan 6 by lavender (1,141,760 points)
I am right with you!!
yeah, A lot of people feel that, so that probably means he will get a free pass lol
You never know:)
I just saw a commercial for a half dollar with Trump's face on it.  Looks like they made his hair brown on the coin.  It's hilarious.   It's only $10.00 for a "piece of American history", as they're saying.  lol      Sorry, yes, you're right, you never know.
I know you want to buy it for me, but thats okay, I have plenty of coins, a few I got from England with Queen Liz on them.  Will just stick with that lol;)  Too funny!!
Oh it's in the mail.   Urine Head on the half dollar for you to keep and enjoy lol
Leanna you are just tooo goood to mee:)  hehe ;) lol
+2 votes

LMAO...I seriously doubt it. Had Obama been a white Republicm when he was elected the liberal majority congress wold have tired him for treason mamnhy tim,es jkust the first two years.

Never inou rhistoruy has there been a more possibly treasonus personinoffice who at the minimum has aided and abetterd our enemioes and minimized our ally's.

"Tired of *people* and their bull sh*t, yours, theirs, and mostly mine' ~Me~

answered Jan 6 by BUFFER (1,389,610 points)
lol I love how passionate you are about your hate for Obama.  So much so, you typo like hell lolol
Typing/speling (ha ha) is ridikulus.
I always type luike ****. ...esp[ecially for lasuz,. she hates it...lol

I doin't hate Obam, he is just a professional talker. He is on a good bye tour righ now telliong us all how his adminidtration had no scandals...lol... and of course he always said it was the most transparent.
This guy actually expects us to believe what he says because he says it. What a dope.
The one thing I love about Obama...

He won't be my president for very much longer ^_^

Can't wait till his stupid ass healthcare law is repealed and I can afford to buy candy again.
I know, Buff. I like giving you a hard time.    lol Jill
+2 votes

Obama actually armed ISIS and nothing happened to him.

Trump just saved us from war with Russia over ZERO evidence they did any hacking. An insider leaked the emails, and was murdered. His name was Seth Rich -a Bernie supporter.

But I realize CNN and other fake news sources keep liberals in the dark.

answered Jan 6 by Jillopo (246,460 points)
And Obama did asll he could to see that the Kurds had nothing to fight ISIS with. He couldn't  handle that the Kurds were the only people for a long time that were fighting against this terrorism. Hell no, he couldnt frop off supplies to them, they had to go through Iraq where they got stolen.
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