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Do you think that people from rich and wealthy families are spoilt and pampered?

+2 votes

Generally speaking, people who are born and raised in a rich and wealthy family are spoilt and pampered by their financially well-endowed parents from a very young age.

Compared to people who are born and raised in poor and financially disadvantaged families, a rich/ wealthy person has always enjoyed the good, easy, and comfortable life from the time that they were born.

Rich/ wealthy people generally do not have to experience and/ or endure any serious hardships in their own lives, as everything has already been take good care of for them for most of their lives.

As a result, a rich/ wealthy person might not be able to tolerate any major setback that they experience in life, as they are not prepared to weather through any difficulty that will inevitably pop up in life every now and then.

Just do it - Nike.

asked Jan 7 in Family and Parenting by Ronnio (239,990 points)

2 Answers

0 votes

I know quite a few spoiled middle class idiots, but yes, some rich folk, especially some in this snotty town, seem to have entitlement issues and are spoiled dumbasses.

The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact.  NDT

answered Jan 7 by lavender (2,508,520 points)
+1 vote

The term spoiled rubs me the wrong way- they're lucky who wouldn't want to give their kids the best chance? They are living proof it has perks 

answered Jan 7 by anonymous
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