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Is anyone watching The Bachelor?

+3 votes

What do you think of Nick?

asked Jan 7 in Entertainment by Lasuz (1,294,980 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

The man is nearly 40. FORTY!!!

And the median age for these beauty queens is 23, 24.

The oldest (!) woman is 31. 

These children are waaaaaay to young for him. What the hell does a 36 year old man have in common with a 23 year old child who only just left her teen years behind?

What? They gonna get married? Yeah. No. Don't think so.

Why couldn't they have given him some AGE - APPROPRIATE women?
Cause he's a shallow, superficial little prick?


I always "spoil" the ending of these things cause I wanna know, and it's more fun to look for the "love story" when you know who they're picking...so I know who he's picking, and that they're already not getting along anymore.

Love this stupid show. I don't take it seriously is why.

Ever watch UNreal on Lifetime? You should. It's an eye-opener.

answered Jan 12 by hnygrl (356,490 points)

I didn't realize the age difference.  But he is such a child.  Apparenntly they had to force some of these women to stick it out by promising them Bach in Paradise etc.

Love UnReal.

Can you blame them??? He's into someone as nasty and inappropriate as CORRINNE??? SERIOUSLY???? I'd wanna leave too.

Can't wait till tomorrow when Vanessa calls him out on straddling Corrinne lol;)

Really!  I really dislike this man   I know you disagree.

Actually after watching him for a few weeks. I cannot stand him lol ;)

Yay!  He is just there for him and I doubt he even wants a potential marriage.  Sex tryouts sure.  He isn't mature enough for marriage even at 40.

I read that he has slept with no less than 7 women in all his years on those shows lol. Slimeball!!

He's a childish slut.  No regard for the womens feelings.

+1 vote

I am watching.  It is such a trainwreck it is hard not to watch.lol.  I didn't like Nick when he was on Andi's season.  I hated and applauded him for calling her out on sleeping with him if she didn't love him on ATFR.  On Caitlyns season I had a few cringe worthy moments like when they had audio of her having sex with him.  But at the end when she midlead him and stopped him as he was starting to propose, I felt horrible for him. I wanted him to be the bachelor time before this.  And thought it would never happen.  But I give him alot of credit accepting this year and coming back for his 4th try at love if you count BIPARADISE.  Which I didn't really see much of.  I hope he finds someone to make him happy;)

answered Jan 7 by Cinders717 (3,392,840 points)
Well in general I want everyone to fall in love and find happiness but I don't care for him at all.  I wish they had found someone new or someone really nice from the past.  I think he created his own problems.  On the other hand I know they always pick someone to be the villain so he probably was just playing a part.
I understand how you feel. He is a bit of a ladies man. And sleeps with everyone quite quickly. lol. Not my sort of fellow.  I remember when they had Brad Womack and he didn't pick either of the finalists! Everyone hated him! But they still brought him back for another try and I was furious lol.
It is so rare that people go on these shows to potentially fall in love and settle down.

But they have ended up in entertainment.  Look at Dr. Travis Stork.0
My opinion is there is no way they are really looking for love. Most of them want the fame, and the possibility of making a career in the entertainment business! But there is so little on the TV in January that people do watch lol.  I feel sorry for their familys hehe:)

Travis Stork?   Is/was he on the Bachelor?   I have somewhat of a crush thing on him.   He's not really my  typical type, so I am not sure why I like him.   

He started out as The Bachelor several years ago.

+1 vote

I remember watching the very first season of The Bachelor reality TV series back around 2003, and I personally found it to be quite insipid.

The Bachelor reality TV series was initially broadcast at about the same time as the first season of The Survivor reality TV series.

The main difference between The Bachelor reality TV series and The Survivor reality TV series, is that the former is about a single guy wanting to search for his female marriage partner from a small group of single women, while the latter is about a group of people from all walks of life being placed on a isolated island for survival.

After watching a few episodes of The Bachelor reality TV series, I quickly lost interest in it and switched my attention and focus to other much more interesting and much more exciting new TV shows that were broadcast in the early 2000s, such as the highly popular LOST TV series, about a group of passengers on board a commercial airliner getting involved in a horrific plane crash on a very deserted and very remote island.

When I first saw the LOST TV series, I was instantly hooked on its very exciting story line and diverse cast of characters in it.

For me, a TV series really does need to be very exciting and very captivating, in order for it to capture my interest and my attention for a long time.

If a particular TV series is very boring and very dull, I will definitely get tired of it very fast and consequently give up and stop watching it completely.

I'm sure that there are a lot of other TV viewers who are like me, but I'm sure that they are also a lot of other TV viewers who are completely different from me, in terms of their TV viewing habits and interests.

Just do it - Nike.

answered Jan 7 by Ronnio (239,750 points)


+2 votes

I haven't watched this season yet, but I always hope they find happiness

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

answered Jan 12 by curiousguy (748,150 points)
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