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Do you think that we live in a very materialistic world?

+3 votes

I think that we do indeed in a very materialistic world, especially in any well-developed capitalistic country.

Any well-developed capitalistic country in the world is considered to be rather materialistic, as they often take financial success very seriously.

Money is deemed to be very important in any well-developed capitalistic country, as their standard of living is very high in those countries.

If you are a rich and wealthy person in any well-developed capitalistic country, you are afforded a lot more respect and admiration than the average person in that country.

Money does make the world go round and money does play a very big role in influencing the public perceptions of a very rich and very financially powerful person.

If you are widely known to have a lot of money, you can get a lot of things done much faster, as the companies/ businesses in any well-developed capitalistic country always love to cater to rich/ wealthy individuals and have them be their loyal and faithful customers of their line of products and services.

Just do it - Nike.

asked Jan 7 in Business by Ronnio (239,990 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

Perhaps. One thing for sure, and one more reason I am happy to leave, is this town I live in is certainly very materialistic.   For many of the residents, MANY, it's all about 'keeping up with the Jonses", and who has the best car, the best home, the best 'everything". 

The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact.  NDT

answered Jan 7 by lavender (2,514,000 points)
I also know that highly educated people like to go for the "best" things in life, such as the "best" schools, the "best" companies, the "best" products, the "best" services, etc.

They are literally obsessed with always having the "best" things in life!

Obsession is never good, healthy, or positive, as it means that a person is being excessively and overly indulgent in something.
They have far easier access to the "best", so I understand where they are coming from in that respect.   When it becomes a contest, it becomes annoying.
Every person in the world wants to have good things.

Nobody in the world wants to have bad things.

It is hardwired and programmed into our DNA.
Yes, Ronnio  :)
0 votes
The US and other first world nations, yes. But we also have bread on every shelf, we can feed our zoo animals & pets, and people. Capitalism rocks!

The cool thing about having all this wealth is that we also put more money into humanitarian efforts; I don't think the US gets enough credit for that. And I'm NOT talking about socialism -I'm talking about voluntarily donating money or items to the people in need, helping those suffering from natural disaster or disease. Even some of our "rich doctors" have been known to travel to Africa during the Ebola outbreak, then there's Haiti, etc.

So which non-materialistic country is helping other countries during their time of need?

"You are Fake News"

answered Jan 7 by Jillopo (319,900 points)
That's the Red Cross --not the corruption of the majority of Americans who donated with good intentions. They trusted the RC to help.

And, they built 6 houses, according to the source you just provided.
They were supposed to use solicited funds in a humanitarian relief project. W
Honestly...... what is 6 houses going to do to provide relief to a ravaged country.... especially in an instance where 500 million is on the table amd much more can be done with the money? Wouldn't you agree there is a lot of pocket stuffing and corruption here as well?
Of course -but the RC should be slammed for that, not the good will intentions of Americans who donated all that money.

I never claimed 6 houses was a lot -you just said "not a single house or hut" --you were inaccurate in your claim and clearly didn't read the article you expected me to.
There wasn't a single home (or hut) built in the immediate city or area directly impacted by the earthquake so actually, I was right. The vast majority of people there are still without accessible water and shelter, yet they are spending more money on "internal expenses" than focusing the funds on the actual people in help. 

"The cool thing about having all this wealth is that we also put more money into humanitarian efforts...."

Based on the tangible results of this major scale "humanitarian effort", y'all put more money into their pockets and I see nothing "cool" about the mobilization of where that wealth went.

Now, had those donations gone to an organization on the ground level actually more equipped to do the ground work in Haiti, more may have been done by now. Typical inept capitalist organization with taxpayer dollars. I bet any amount of money had Obama been a part of it, you would've posted about it long before now. 

Nope, still wrong --6 homes were built in Haiti -doesn't matter where, the RC built them and your claim they built 0 homes is false.


The people voluntarily donated and trusted the RC with good intentions, THAT IS MY POINT--I'm not holding the red cross up, I'm holding Americans up. They trusted the RC to help, it's not their fault the RC became corrupted or fell back on their promises. And by the looks of it, the RC weren't the only ones acting like assholes.

Americans are good, some organizations bad. How much more do I need to break it down for your collective brain?

Looks like the Clinton Foundation fucked over Haitians as well -why aren't you bitching about those inept & corrupt socialist fucks? "People" who donate to the Clinton Foundation usually don't have the best intentions -more like return political favors; foreign and domestic.


Maybe Haiti should lay off the socialism and try Capitalism instead. Socialism kills. **** Socialism.


+1 vote


The economic system is based on producing things that we don't need, convincing us that we have to have them, and then moving on to the next thing.

answered Jan 7 by Welloone (732,810 points)
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