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Confused and waiting

+2 votes

 So been dating this guy for a year. Great dude. I love him he loves me . He's like my best friend. I could see myself building s future with him . Knows how to save, has a good head on his shoulders.  Mom and dad love him. Great. So recently he quit his job due to favoritism ( his boss favors his friend therefore giving his friend better hours and basically screws over everyone else). He also just got another certification and is looking to grow. This job did not allow for this so he left. So since leaving he has started doubting everything. He doesn't feel like a 'man' so he wants to take a break until he finds a job. He even told me to go off and date other people if I wanted .he stated he doesn't want me to but it's not fair for me to wait. He did say that at the moment he doesn't feel good enough for me since he doesn't have anything to offer me. 

Now to top it off we have some other issues as well: 

1. he wants a child by the time he is 30. Dude is 26 years old now. Why a time limit? Says he wants to raise his child in good active health . While I'm over here just trying to figure out why their is a timer ticking for him. Stresses me out. 

2. I believe in marriage for religious purposes. He believes marriage is a system built by the government etc... so he doesn't actually know if he would ever marry me specifically for love. Does this mean that he does not respect my beliefs and I should walk away? Does he not actually love me as he says he does ? 

Long story straight: I love this guy but is enough enough ? 

asked Jan 8 in Love by Kissimi91 (2,030 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

Read he's just not into you 

answered Jan 8 by anonymous
+1 vote

You already asked this question yesterday. Go back and read the replies. 

Look in the mirror...that's your competition.

answered Jan 8 by lavender (2,743,160 points)
+1 vote

Don't waste your time on him. You need a guy who would give you his heart, his ring, a house, and anthing else as he will love you so much!

answered Jan 8 by Cinders717 (3,639,730 points)
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