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If you were me, what would you do

+2 votes

I am at a crossroads. 

I've been on travelling for a year and now I'm employed and need to move a little slower than I was before. My options are to a) move across country to LA, find an apt and HOPEFULLY still manage to travel while I live there (would love to get back to Asia and also Hawaii + some Western states) or B) move to a foreign country, renting furnished flats and staying for a few months at a time or until I get bored and decide to leave and try somewhere new.

My job simply means income, but I work remotely so, not an issue. I'm single, so, not an issue. I've never had an apartment before so the appeal there is really only finally having something that's exclusively *mine*. Though the draw to own very little and travel is both important to me and a priority. Also saving money. I love saving money.

I actually have a date set to drive cross country - it's er, next week - so I'm kinda of at crunch time, here. lmao.

asked Jan 8 in Travel by sweetness04 (2,520 points)

4 Answers

+3 votes

why do I recognize your name?  Are you the same one from the old site?

To answer the question, ask yourself what you prioritize?  If you answer stability stay in the US.  If you answer adventure or something along those lines, go abroad

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

answered Jan 8 by curiousguy (751,160 points)

Yes, it's me from the old site. Hiii!

I don't really see travelling as instability. I've been travelling consistently for long durations for about 4 years and living abroad isn't really unstable so much as it is untraditional.

I also noticed that you have not had an apartment before, I would entertain that idea as well

+3 votes

Tough decision. 

1. Gray Market approach to working overseas.  In some countries you can get a Tourist Visa for 90 days, others 30.  Do not over stay your visa. In the Shenegan it  is 90 days out of 180, and currently they are tracking it heavily.

Make sure you are in a place with great internet.  Realize you will be raped on rent in a Tourist Apt.  Since it is a Tourist apt, you may be forced to work from McDonalds, their internet in the EU and Asia is fantastic.

Australia is similar the EU.

Do note you may be able to rent a room from a local for a time.

Keep your mouth shut as to what you are doing, local authorities can be sticky

2. Check out residency options in each country.  Panama is relatively easy. However you will be required to sign a years lease in most instances, and they do extradite from the US for skipping out on Apt leases.

3.  There are enough folks from California on here who can give you a local flavor on the State.  Do note CA is high cost and high tax.

4.  Keep you taxes up to date.  If you do the overseas option establish a residency in a low tax State, say AZ or Nevada.  That way your only liability is the Feds tax bite.

Good Luck - note I split my time between Austria and the US as legal resident in both.  I do not have to worry about the 90 & 90 restrictions.  I do have to keep track of the number of days working in each country.  The IRS and the Finanz Amt are always tracking me.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

answered Jan 8 by Archerchef (1,872,390 points)

Thanks. Yeah fully aware on Visa issues that's why I wouldn't go to the EU. Although I'm almost certain Italy, France and Germany would approve me to stay. Would definitely kill myself if I had to work from a Mcdonalds every day so internet is obviously a requirement for any apartment though I'd be happy to leave the apartment for work, too. Not sure why exactly I'd be in a tourist apartment or why that apartment wouldn't have wifi unless I were in Vietnam or something and after consideration I'd rather not live in Asia right now anyway.

I live in NY so California's taxes aren't really different and I wouldn't be getting paid through CA state, so, not sure how that would work exactly, wouldn't be claiming residency just yet. Also from what I've seen, apartments look cheaper than Brooklyn. I've got a general sense of LA, being that a spent a whole three weeks there, last year lol. It's sunny and warm and at this point, that, wifi and a sunny kitchen are the extent of my requirements.

I'd be fine with Panama, actually and hadn't realized how easy residency is there. I'd been looking at Central America lately so I'll definitely dig into that a bit more. 

Establishing residency in a low tax state is a good idea if I'm going to make this journey a long one and I don't have plans right now so I'm expecting to do whatever of these options I run with for a year and then I'll figure out the next step after that.

+1 vote

I have always been a fan of traveling.  And I think it takes a while to get the flavor of places.  And can tell you from experience, that once you have your own place, it is harder to leave, except for shorter excursions.  

As I understand the question, you have found a job that just requires high speed internet.  No one knows if you are working or not, so you can travel as a tourist, and stay as long as they allow.  And you can travel almost anywhere.  It as been a few years since I was in Europe, but there were no visa requirements at the time.  So, I think that you could go anywhere in the EU, find a place to rent short term that had Internet access.  But it would be cheaper in other places.  I was in Peru a few years ago, and it would be pretty easy to live there.

Anyway, I would go with the short term rental plan.  Either in places in the US or other parts of the world.  Say 3 months to a year.  You might find someplace you really like, or you might get tired of it and then decide to go for the place of your own option.

On the beach in Maui might be high on my list.

answered Jan 9 by Welloone (732,810 points)

And I would establish a residency in a low or no tax state.  There are a number have no income tax.

0 votes

LA of course, has a lot of appeal;)

answered Jan 26 by Cinders717 (3,394,520 points)
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