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What could turn your hair instantly gray?

+1 vote
asked Jan 8 in Fears/Phobias by UnfulfilledDesires (2,299,510 points)

5 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Possibly anesthesia seems both my great grandmother and my father have woken up grey after being put under for surgical procedures. 

answered Jan 8 by borninthemeadowcourt (498,560 points)
+2 votes

 A extreme emotional shock turned a coworker's sister's hair turned gray in days before she committed suicide.

answered Jan 8 by Cinders717 (2,729,340 points)
+1 vote

Expressing a lot of stress and pressure?

Just do it - Nike.

answered Jan 8 by Ronnio (212,640 points)
+2 votes

kids, especially those 13 and older

answered Jan 8 by lavender (1,802,490 points)
+1 vote

student loans

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

answered Jan 9 by curiousguy (587,100 points)
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