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I am a little confused. If you can read between the lines please help me make sense of this.

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How do I run away from a shitty past?

+3 votes

Basically i dated the worst dudes. Usually I felt sorry for them and thought they deserved a chance or I waa the uninformed new girl that didn't know how they were. Basically i dated a bipolar crybaby that got mad at me for leaving him and tried to punish me by going out with some chick he was macking on the same day because he wanted to punish me for leaving him and not putting out. I left a physical, verbal and sexual abuser who's ex had a restraining order against him and he cheated on me a min of 10x with her and he got possessive and violent even tho I made it clear I didn't want to get back together. I broke up with another dude who openly hit on my friend and I found out from his best male friends that he felt up on another chick who was known for being loose. I dumped another guy who I dated for 9 months that didn't take me out made comments to put me down and was very self centered and when I left he blew up on me and had his friends harass me and I still don't think it computes that I don't regret leaving him and then a guy that I dated for 2 years who always put his ex first and lied to me over 10x about her hacked my things and kept tabs on me after we broke up after trying to pass me off to his friend and his brother and its like just leave me alone. I don't really miss any of them anymore bc none of them actually loved me or cared about me so idk why they still keep up with me.

asked Jan 9 in Dating by anonymous

3 Answers

+1 vote

You don't particularly run away from it per se, but I would suggest eliminating all forms of contact with any of them and realize you were a safe haven for looney boys. No shame in that, we all at one point or another were a rest stop for someone not meant to be around for long.

Realize that it is their loss and begin rebuilding. Learn something new and challenge yourself daily. Work out or travel more. Do things that excite you. I'd say that is a great place to start.

answered Jan 9 by king313 (828,470 points)
0 votes

Bad choices, put them behind you and never go back, block all of them from your life completely. Move on, Life is waiting;)

answered Jan 9 by Cinders717 (3,656,770 points)
+1 vote

Live alone and commit to not being involved with anyone.  Sounds like you ruined your reputation been there got the tshirt- you can't overcome that you can only ignore it.

answered Jan 9 by anonymous
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