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Does walking help you to clear your mind?

+2 votes
asked Jan 9 in Leisure by UnfulfilledDesires (2,295,180 points)

5 Answers

+2 votes

It really does for me.

Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount and the tigers are getting hungry

answered Jan 9 by lavender (1,776,070 points)
+2 votes

yes with 7 babies...walking is great!!!!

answered Jan 9 by mysticfemale12 (1,661,550 points)
+1 vote

Yes it does when I walk through the woods.

answered Jan 9 by bobboy (439,330 points)
+1 vote

Only if I am in the wide open out doors.  Walking the mall never helps me.  Love to walk outside in the warm weather. It clears my mind and invigorates me:)

answered Jan 9 by Cinders717 (2,696,940 points)
+1 vote

like other forms of exercise, it releases endorphins making you feel great (clearing the mind from from stress and anxiety). and most people find it easy and pleasurable.

answered Jan 9 by Girlpower (306,780 points)
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