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Anyone else tired of Trump over-reacting like a child?

+3 votes

He's going to be the president, this is not the time to be thin-skinned. His meltdown after Meryl Streep's is just embarrassing, and also entirely predictable.

Anyone else tired of this childish behaviour? I feel like it's just getting boring now.

That's my secret, Cap; I'm always tired **transforms into Incredible Sloth**

asked Jan 10 in In the News by nocturnal_snow (75,930 points)

4 Answers

+3 votes

Hell yeah, we have 4 more years of this!?

Never mind the fact he's such a fake ass bitch who only starts throwing insults out after people criticise him. Apparently Meryl Streep was fine before.

Either way, change will come. It could be bloody, or it could be beautiful. It depends on us.

answered Jan 10 by Sheogorath (362,470 points)
And that POS is what they voted for.  UGH
+3 votes
he's disgusting.
answered Jan 10 by Girlpower (371,760 points)
+2 votes

He is so concerned with what anyone says about him that he makes an entertaining pouting tweet everytime his feelings get hurt!  Every president gets criticism, so Donny get your big boy pants on and take it like a man!!

answered Jan 10 by Cinders717 (3,637,170 points)
0 votes

I've had enough of out of touch rich liberals playing the victim and whining about Trump winning. The "mocking of the disabled reporter" ******** has been debunked 78 times -those are the hand gestures he does when impersonating anyone.

If Streep wanted to show how "courageous" she was, she'd get up on that stage and say something anti-liberal in a huge room full of stuck up snobby, out of touch liberals.

Hollywood is for entertainment, not a platform to voice your ********, out of touch, liberal views. You lost, get the **** over it.

"You are Fake News"

answered Jan 10 by Jillopo (327,560 points)

For good reason --the guy's a lunatic. NDAA, HR347, Narcissism, arming ISIS, Letting terrorists go & then watching them run off and continue being terrorists, bombing 7 countries, trying to start war with Russia over 0 evidence of Russia having influence on the election, race baiting,

I could go on, but you seem to get bored easily.

Democrats don't really have anything substantial about Trump, anyhow. "Show me ur taxes! Herp Derp!" --that's it. Oh, and he's racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, islamaphobe, all the buzzwords. I wonder when they'll run out?

I guess my concerns are about what he does once he gets in. Democrats constantly accused anyone who disagreed with them as "racist" --I don't give a damn about Obama's race -I'd vote for anyone if he wasn't a Marxist trying to "fundementally change America" -that's a direct quote. He's also said very anti-white things while politicizing every public shooting, race baiting, etc, but that kind of racism is OK in the Democratic playbook --that's scarier than a younger DTrump talking about grabbing some gold digging woman by the pussy --it was wrong, but I'm over it -it was 20 years ago.

It doesn't matter what you identify as --many self-proclaimed independents still have very liberal leanings (with absolutely no conservative leanings) and take CNN & HuffPost stories as gospel truth -they're one of the worst sources you could ever get your news from. Ask a so-called independent if there's anything they do like about Trump, and they'll give you a no, or blank stare.

He's really not that bad of a guy -Rachel Maddow thinks he's going to throw in a camp. I'm pretty sure Republicans would've been called "tin foil hat conspiracy theorists" by her if they accused Obama of that. He has attacked our rights, that's for damn sure.

It's cool -I still love ya.

I'm very angry about the way Republicans voted on Rand's budget proposal today...these people are conservatives if they don't want to cut spending. F*cking frauds/career politicians.

CNN & Huffpost needs verifying. And even the verifications need verifying. 

Guess that is the benefit of being an academic writer with published articles.... no "fact" is ironclad in objectivity, everything can be questioned. 

The question becomes whose truth is more logical? It isn't rocket science. 

Obama's approval rate is 57% leaving office, damn sure higher than where it was at a few years ago.

Likeable guy, absolutely.

I can look at the Obamas and out of all the Presidents in my lifetime, they actually genuinely love one another.

Beyond the sentiments, I've seen more of his policies do more good than harm for the little man. Never mind that I work at GM, the ACA got like upwards to 20 million people insured and they once were not. Of that 17 to 20 million, a decent percentage were Black. Then there are the increases of Pell grants that helped me and others like me obtain post graduate degrees. Of course, raising the national minimum wage was vastly overlooked, probably because the cost of living has gone up disproportionately higher without the steady increase of wages to compensate. 250,000 new manufacturing and technology jobs became present at the Big 3.... I work where I am because of those increases and my department didn't exist before January 2016. The Dodd-Frank Act is in place and effectively holds Wall Street accountable for another belly up, should that happen again. The "Am I My Brother's Keeper" initiative is an excellent program with an agenda to provide the youth, particularly poor and minority youth, with mentors and networks for jobs and education for a sustainable living beyond the pitfalls of drugs, poverty, crime, jail, and death. He also initiated a 1.5 billion dollar settlement with the Department of Agriculture and like 70 thousand minority farmers in a class action discrimination lawsuit.Finally, the Fair Sentencing Act reversed unfair sentences for Black men incarcerated with tougher laws on crack than cocaine in equal amounts..... drug laws enacted during Reagan's tenure than made life ******* hell for minority men like me.

Your reality may not reflect what kind of change has really been done..... but some of it does. 

I don't have time to do the negatives of his administration.... he could've cleaned up the ACA more before it was released because it was a clusterfuck at first. He could've done more to police waging war on the hood. I can nitpick all night on what could've been done.....

...... but Flint needs another water drive from me. My young men and women looking to become tech entrepreneurs need my building up so I can teach them how to. So much is needed beyond Obama and I'm a worker out here, my resume is in the trenches with those doing more than talking.

Hillary ran on Obama's legacy and lost the election -the liberal media also didn't expect her to lose and assumed she had it in the bag; probably because CNN happily handed her debate questions early so she could plan out her rehearsed responses. Among other ways they helped her cheat her way to the top. Let's not forget about the murdered DNC staffer (Seth Rich) who was pro-Bernie --I will never shutup about that one because that needs investigation -Shame on Obama for letting that slide; especially when "Clock Boy" gets a ******* invitation to the WH but the family of a murdered DNC staffer gets covered up...I've had it with the blatant corruption & cover-ups of this administration.

Obama has attacked freedom of press more than any president, he's politicized public shootings to push gun control which is another right he hates, he has bombed 7 countries and made democrats pro-war (now that a Republican is in office, they'll magically turn to anti-war again), freed Islamic terrorists who went back to their ways, gave Iran some uranium this week, signed the NDAA, HR347 which another attack on our first amendment, continued Bush's legacy with renewing the Patriot Act, and of course, Obamacare, which taxes people if they can't afford to buy something; which is far from being a beacon of a free society.

Side Note: I see what you're doing at the end because you can't resist taking a jab at me (liberals ALWAYS make it personal) --Here are my thoughts: You're injured right now, not working, putting people down (me) for having an opinion different from your own; basically insinuating that I'm useless because I don't ask the federal gov't to nanny me and give me and other people "free" **** at the expense of taxpayers -I see right through your condescending line of crap. Flint is an example of the inefficiency of government and more gov't is not going to solve that problem considering they're never accountable.
You're reading too much into it. Nothing about it was personal, you just took it that way. Show where I put you specifically down anywhere in my statement Jill, please do. Nothing about what I do or have done is a handout, even the injury, so were you searching to have an arm up on me? Because you failed miserably. 

I tolerate people with different POVs on a daily basis with these projects so that is nothing to me because the common goal is to get the job done. Also, I have no need to insinuate because if I were talking directly to YOU, it'd have something more tailored made for you "specifically". 

You must be looking for a pity party. Boo hoo.

You always attack me, king; first it's calling me an armchair politician several times, and now gloating about being such an important spectacle for civil rights -if it wasn't meant as a put down, why even bring it up when it's totally irrelevant? I don't care about what YOU personally DO -I care about thoughts and opinions. You either turn it around and make it about yourself, or attack someone.

Would it kill you to NOT be condescending?

And no, you're not consistent in what you say. You told me you respect until disrespected; which is ********. You respect if they agree or kiss your ass. But if they have a differing opinion than you? You personally attack, call them idiots, attack their sources while providing none of your own and not explaining why my sources are crap (because it's not Snopes, usually --which Snopes has been proven to be heavily biased towards the left).

No pity-party, just calling out your ********. Again. It takes more courage to come on to a site (or stage) being outnumbered by the opposition and voicing something unpopular with them.

Like I said Jill, I don't talk in code. The next time an actual insult is aimed at you, I'll make it more obvious from here on out so you can know the difference. You're searching for something that really isn't there & I expect better from you.

But as I asked you previously, WHERE in the initial statement did I DIRECTLY toss an insult at you? LOL. There isn't one because I didn't nor had any reason to. If you find me being proud of what I do or have done as gloating, then so be it. Your problem is that you try to turn every instance of a disagreement between you & I into something personal, evidenced by you mentioning my injury and implying it's somehow a taxpayer handout. I don't know you, nor do I require your (dis)approval or cosign for what happens offline. If the shoe fits about you being an armchair politician or keyboard warrior then wear it proudly & if it doesn't apply, let it fly. I didn't know I had to break that portion down but I guess Jill needs a fictitious handout on how to handle that. 

I have found that when anyone challenges YOU on the irregularity of your logic OR the 1 to 2 biased sources you use to fit your POV, you run into a corner and cry this "woe is me, damsel in distress" ********. How are you gonna throw rocks from a glass house? I respect until disrespected, that has held true since I've been on the site. Our discussions are a microcosm and diminutive to the overall body.

And what courage are you talking about? Talking on an online forum takes courage? That doesn't take anymore courage than it does to say...... "I disagree with you and here's why. Based on the (number of) sources I have & given the credibility of them while minimizing inherent bias......"

You're right Buffer --No hard working person gives a damn what celebrities think; which is why all the celebrity endorsements Hillary got STILL didn't win her the election. Neither did Obama encouraging illegals to vote (with their stolen IDs, of course) without prosecution. Democrats are very out of touch with reality -Im glad the spoiled Marxists lost.

King: I see that it would kill you to not be condescending or full of yourself. Must be a liberal thing.

Stop attacking people and stick with the topic(s) at hand, that's all there is to it. And quit finding any opportunity to talk about yourself and how great you are. We get it -you love yourself.

I'm the big, bad, proud King. Arrest me for being active & inciting actual, tangible change. 

I should get BLM tatted on my arm just to make folks mad.

You never answered where I directly insulted you in the initial statement so you were pulling random statements out of thin air. 

Get back with me next time you can formulate a stance without becoming emotional. Must be a feminist thing.

It's called being condescending -those aren't direct insults, it's a way arrogant people try to get away with insulting people. I see right through it.

Please tell the board how much more you love yourself -you're starting to sound like Kanye West.

If you truly don't care about what I do or my thoughts and opinions like you claim Jill, why do you even address me? Clearly the condescending double talk is coming from you more than I, thus, the board is able to see just how full of **** you are every time you respond to little ole me. Boo hoo, wah wah. Insecure much?

My office hours are 8 am to 5 pm if you require counseling from a licensed practitioner, I accept all forms of insurance, including your membership in ACA. In your case, I'll take PayPal too. Does tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. EST work? Please call if you're going to be more than 15 minutes late.

Do you have a solution? 

Well King, because you keep responding to every single one of my responses with your ******** opinion. 9 times out of 10, the response is dripping with that condescending liberal attitude and close mindedness.

Liberals don't want solutions -they want MORE taxes, MORE government, LESS freedom, MORE regulations. There's literally NOTHING liberal about them.

..... says the narrow minded armchair politician that's a part time irrational feminist and can't formulate anything fundamentally rational to come out her mouth beyond the equivalent of hot gas from the ass. 

I can't speak for liberals. I can only speak for people like me in cities with more progressive rationales invoking change and acquiring grant money for land contracts, physical infrastructures, STEM labs, & community gardens. Two people can disagree about political views yet still rebuild entire communities. You know, stuff you know nothing about. :-)

And there it is, "armchair politician" name, again --from the dude gloating about how great he is as he is collecting social security, not working because of a bad back and being..an armchair politician -exactly what he accuses anyone who disagrees with him as.

Most sane people don't consider Marxists/collectivists to be progressives -that's just a name narcissists gave themselves for expecting gov't to nanny everyone and steal more money from taxpayers while patting themselves on the back for "caring" about the "little people" --but stealing from them. Taxation is theft. Government DOES NOT have *any* money that it does not STEAL from others. That's just fact. Wanting to STEAL money from others for some silly social cause is still theft, no matter how many other liberals applaud your "humane" efforts -you condone theft.

Liberals pretty much think the same way so it's not hard to sniff them out. They chastise anyone who doesn't think exactly like them and calls them bigots while ignoring their own intellectual bigotry.

Very few "liberals" are actually accepting and open minded of other views because of years of public school brainwashing from liberal teachers (who only want you to vote democrat so you vote for increased educational taxes so they can take expensive vacations or buy a cabin; even after having an entire summer off, every weekend off, and every holiday off). I'm an actual liberal because I don't seek to extort money from taxpayers for what some silly purpose I think benefits mankind; when in reality, it doesn't. The less government intrusion in the lives of taxpayers, the better.

Voluntary exchange is better than theft. Keep being a condescending prick --it's the reason Trump won, and will win again.

.... ummmmmm, Jill.... who said I'm collecting SSI or SSDI benefits? I surely didn't and that is the most deliberate lie to come from your lying lips thus far. Running your mouth about my personal life without knowledge of the situation is a testament to the level of stupidity you exhibit by reaching for anything you can get. That is the tactic of one who is desperate for an audience of online votes. 

Not once have I hid calling you an armchair activist due to the fact of belonging to the group of citizens who'd rather run their mouth about politics yet be no part of invoking change.

I stopped voting straight ballot around the Clinton era because I was old enough to understand platforms. The bigger elections are the local ones, as they are the elected officials you're likely to run into when out and about, and it is easier to actually reach out to them. 

I'm confused, how are you a "liberal" when all of your views showcase a classic belief in traditional conservatism? Liberally insane, perhaps? *shrug*
It is very easy to cross reference things and see the truth in them. That doesn't require a public or private school education or being a Marxist, Socialist, Conservatist, or whatever group affiliation.... it only requires an ability to decipher the overall truth and wanting to actually know the middle ground of a fact without the added fluff from biased sources. 

You DO realize that there is a such thing as privately funded grants, right? Not government regulated funds, but money established from someone (one or more persons) with a lot of money to give to philanthropic efforts. But what would I expect from someone without the knowings of how it all comes into play nor has ever completed one.

No worries, little one.... I'll let you know how the building project goes & save a seat for you in the front row.

King, you ALWAYS make up lies about me. I don't know which one is worse -you, pat, or juan. You shame others because they're not as rich as you, even though they're working their way up --working is shunned by YOU and others like you. What the **** is that ********? Hey, I don't have a gov't job, which means I earn every penny instead of garnishing the paychecks of taxpayers.

I'm not even going to read your ********. All liberal lies.

You're absolutely right Buffer --I think every liberal who mourned Castro's death (even in the slightest) lost their credibility when they praised Castro because he did something for blacks...yet how many have died under his regime while others risked their lives on a rickety homemade raft to get out? But blacks benefited somehow, so it's all good. It's sickening.

Jill..... do this for me: PROVE I've lied about you or your personal life. 

How do I shun anyone when I work for everything I have and will achieve? It's kinda funny.... you don't know **** about working three part time jobs of menial labor to supplement lost income. Shoveling ****, scrubbing puke, & securing strip clubs for pennies on the dollars or construction worker during the morning for 16 hour shifts. You really don't know a portion of what the **** you are speaking on or eluding to so I'd advise you to please close your mouth and stick to the script of politics and coloring books. 

...... nothing personal but your pity party holds no weight here. Boo hoo hoo. Lmmfao.

Buff, how can Mrs. DeVos ensure people pay student loans when she herself is in debt to Ohio to the tune of $5 million? Read up on it. She is incompetent as an educator and has experience as a lobbyist bankrolling low performing charter schools across the state of Michigan but first in western Michigan (Grand Rapids in Kent County). You don't know **** about her from in Cali where her decisions don't impact that state. **** outta here with those incomplete babbling.

The both of you are boring me. Lol

Prove myself to you? I think I've unwittingly given you the impression that you matter enough to me to actually "prove" anything to you --fact is, you don't know me personally, therefore, you don't know **** about me but constantly accuse me of being a shitty person. Had I known I had to "prove" you're an asshole to me any chance you can get, I would have saved all the screenshots from earlier days. If you want proof -check your answers and condescending remarks to every post of mine you can find. But, assholes are immune to their own smell so I won't expect much from you.

Funny, electragold thought she knew everything about me too...always accused me of having menial jobs, now you're saying the opposite; that I *don't* know what it's like to have a menial job, work more than 1 job, etc. Striking similarity between you two is that you constantly told everyone how much more important your role in life was than mine. Important people don't really need to gloat and put others down -weak people do. But, I'd also love for you to find anywhere I've said that I'm better than others for whatever reason. Fact is, I don't gloat. I don't tell everyone how shitty they are for not making as much as I do; like SOME liberals on here. It's a very condescending and ugly attitude -kinda like yours. I can give credit to hard workers, but when you expect it from me and treat me like ****, not happening, cupcake.

I don't talk about my personal life (or the details of my work everyday) on here like some liberals do (they're narcissists), but please, tell me my entire life story and how I haven't had one hardships in my life --I'll even give you extra credit if you can somehow tie race into it.

There is no pity party (sounds like juan) --you're just a condescending prick to me and I'm calling you out on it. You might have another liberal friend upticking you, but you know I'm right. I make my reply comment, and you just can't keep your hand out of the cookie jar, you gotta find some way to be a prick.

You're bored because you are a boring person with no original thought in that head of yours. Typical social justice warrior.

Hopefully, the SJWs tone it down some now that they won't have a president encouraging their offensive behavior.

Oh, y'all still here? Turn off the lights when you leave.

*rolling back over to sleep*

Oh yeah, Jill..... I'm whatever you think I am.... condescending, prick, disrespectful, arrogant, blah, yadda.

I find it even more funny that you'll say my opinion doesn't matter and how I'm so important and put people down and all this stuff yet..... you're still yapping like a little Chihuahua & nobody takes you seriously. I know I'm not gloating or putting people down and never have here or offline, that isn't even my style. Something within you must feel so insecure and slighted by nothing that you feel an undying need to address it. Granted, you are the ONLY person on this site that feels I'm SOOOOOOOOO important and SOOOOOOOOO arrogant to talk down on people, when in all actuality, I'm everything but. I get it though, you want to feel better about yourself with something as minor as this so go ahead, you win. I've addressed clients like you before that felt such a need to spew venom towards others when all they have to do is look at the mirror and see the flaws within you that tingled when I "gloated", kinda like an inferiority complex.

Sad thing is, like ANY argument you tried to continue with me, your proof is always lacking. Kinda like your your thoughts about me. They lack in sincerity and are rooted in fantasy.
Awww, pobrecita...... lo siento.

I don't need nor give a sweet **** about your approval and tough **** if you find it offensive that I care about the work I've done.

All I read was more gloating -you're condescending to others who don't share your political views.

"Nobody" takes me seriously, yet here you are, still replying like you do all the rest --It's almost as if you purposely go to my profile, seek out my responses, and then leave a condescending note.

Good for you for liking what you do -but don't go telling everyone else how their life has no purpose just because they don't wish to extort money from taxpayers just because you think you can spend their money better than they can. Socialism is fun until you run out of other peoples' money.

Your life does has purpose.... so go find it. Surely it isn't antagonizing me about something that isn't in the least bit true. I have some cheese for that "whine". 

You having a pity party again? Nobody is gloating, you're just a miserable little woman that incessantly argues and nitpicks to feel significant and hungry for attention. Every disagreement doesn't have to become an argument.... try to improve your communication skills. 
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