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Do you think that cattle mutilations are mainly caused by human beings rather than animals?

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I read about a very large number of cattle being severely mutilated on farms all over the world.

The wounds on these mutilated cattle were very clean and were always cut in a very meticulous and orderly way too.

There is no logical, rational, and sensible way that any very clean, very meticulously and orderly cut wounds on any mutilated cattle could have been done by any aggressive and vicious predatory animals, as animals always chew and eat the prey that they have already finished attacking and killing, in a very rough and very haphazard fashion.

The other remaining possibility is that they were performed by some group of people secretly in the middle of the night.

By using the cover of darkness at night, they would be less likely to be seen by any nearby witnesses who were working and/ or living on the farms.

However, one of the very strange and mysterious things is that there were absolutely no footprints or vehicle tracks leading up to the location and the position of the dead cattle corpses themselves at all.

This means that the people who were responsible for any cattle mutilations on any farms in the world, must have arrived by an aerial vehicle, such as either a helicopter or some other form of airborne aircraft, and did not arrive by foot or in any land-based vehicle like a car, a van, a truck, a bus or a motorcycle.

Just do it - Nike.

asked Jan 10 in Wildlife by Ronnio (241,940 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, people....happened to some family of mine in Nebraska.

We're free to go where we wish and to be what we are.

answered Jan 10 by lavender (2,890,950 points)
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