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Chinese were using ginger and garlic by 3,000 BC.

+2 votes
asked Jan 10 in House and Home by UnfulfilledDesires (2,299,170 points)

3 Answers

+3 votes

Great so what's for dinner? Ginger flavored garlic pizza?  lol

answered Jan 10 by Cinders717 (2,714,040 points)


Going to have a pot of white beans, and cornbread from scratch.

Also, sweet potato yams.

Ok then, sounds very yummy :)
+2 votes

I knew a woman named Ginger once.  What were the Chinese using her for?  

answered Jan 10 by Welloone (624,270 points)
+2 votes

I could put ginger on anything.  I will put garlic in anything, 2 great spices

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

answered Jan 11 by curiousguy (585,920 points)
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