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Need sound advice!

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Hi guys and gals,

  So I am in desperate need for advice. I have 3 kids, ranging from 9 to 2 years old. 

  I decided to go back to work because I wanted to get a bigger home and to help pay bills, I am currently a stay at home mom. Hubby has been the sole money maker for the past 4 years while I stayed home with my babies.

  I went through a Temp agency and received a job offer on the same day I interviewed. All of a sudden, I panicked. I literally cried like a baby and started dreading missing my kids, no more volunteering at schools, no more playdates, no more playing kitchen with my youngest. I know I signed up to work but now I feel scared. Oh, and my first day is this week. 

  My question is, should I give it a shot? Or should I bail? It's a great job with good benefits and it's a non profit. Please help! Moms please respond!

asked Jan 10 in Career by anonymous

3 Answers

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If you are able to be at home financially, and that job is what makes you happy, I say do it.     Kids grow so fast, and before you know it those moments are gone.     If your budget allows for it, being there for you kids, whether it's volunteering at school or whatever it may be, is priceless.

answered Jan 10 by lavender (2,475,140 points)
+2 votes

Absolutely!  This is a temp job so its not going to be full time or forever! You go a bite, and they liked you! That is great news!  You will have plenty of time other days to do all the normal things you love. GO FOR IT!!! 

answered Jan 10 by Cinders717 (3,392,840 points)
+1 vote

I discovered on my first day back to work, allowing my children to be with other children, caused them to be sick, and my nursing them back to health was very difficult to do.

answered Jan 10 by UnfulfilledDesires (2,741,010 points)

They will be at home with my mom and in laws. 

That is good.

Then you should be comfortable leaving them with safe people to look after them.

It is always hard leaving them, but do keep in mind, children get tired of mommie too.

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