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If you find that your best friend is cheating on his girlfriend, what would you do?

+2 votes
asked Jan 10 in Relationships by Cinders717 (3,394,520 points)

4 Answers

+2 votes

I stay out of all of my friend's business unless they ask for advice.  If my friend was cheating and asked me for advice, I would suggest if she can't work it out with her partner, she might think about ending it before jumping to something else.   My friends though - if they don't ask, it's not my business as long as they themselves are not being hurt.

The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact.  NDT

answered Jan 10 by lavender (2,508,580 points)
+1 vote

Nothing, any action you take will blow up in your face.  You see nothing, know nothing, do nothing.  At the end whatever way the ball drops you treat both parties equally the same.  It is their life, not yours period.

Offer no opinions.  Do not out the parties. Listen, however take no action.  You may want to get involved, do not.

In all things you are Switzerland, Neutral.  Anything else may bite you in the Ass, probability is very high

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

answered Jan 10 by Archerchef (1,872,390 points)
+2 votes

Nothing.  It's not up to me to police everyone's relationships.  For all I know, maybe she is cheating on him too.

If I say anything to him, he tells me to mind my own business.  If I say anything to her, she thinks I am just trying to ruin their relationship.

Nope, say nothing.

answered Jan 10 by Welloone (732,810 points)
+2 votes

If that were the case my husband and I would have a very long talk about said gf.

answered Jan 11 by anonymous
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