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Exactly what kind of life did a long line of relatives lived before you?

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asked Jan 10 in Family and Parenting by UnfulfilledDesires (2,295,180 points)

4 Answers

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Best answer

No one really knows.  About the long line part anyway.

My great grandfather left my great grandmother at some point while they were trying to live in Iowa.  Pretty much starving. No one knows what happened to him.  Friends of my great grandmother were going west to homestead in Montana.  Fore the record there is almost nothing you can grow in the mountains to of Montana.

But she took her kids and headed out to a place I have only ever referred to as "bellyache" basin.  Not on any map.  Homesteading was hard.  The two sons went into the forest service as it was starting up.  My grandfather seems to have secured a mail order bride who either could not stand Montana or my grandfather and took off with another guy when my father was about 3 I think.  She died in Canada, living in a railroad car.

The other side, we also don't know much.  The were of German heritage.  Life in rural Montana was pretty brutal and he died fairly young.  His kids married local sisters and ran a truck farm, with selling moonshine on the side.  He also died young, but his brother let my great grandmother live on the property, even though it legally was his.

answered Jan 11 by Welloone (624,270 points)
+1 vote

Harsh.  The relatives in San Fran that survived the plague, some of them did not survive the 1903 earthquake.  The relatives in South Dakota had their own issues with just living in the the Black Hills with little money, and the only resources they had were like most everyone else in the Black Hills - natural resources, sun, water, wood from the hills etc in the early 1900's.   

Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount and the tigers are getting hungry

answered Jan 10 by lavender (1,776,070 points)
0 votes

I'm the first one in my family - both sides - to actually graduate high school. I mean Graduate-graduate, cap and gown and diploma and everything and not a GED.

I'm the first to finish college with an actual degree.

Most of my family? Grand parents and Parents grew up in a time when you got married. Period. End of discussion. You didn't stay single past a certain age. You. Got. Married. Good, bad, indifferent, you got married.

Mom got married when she was 15, had her first kid at 16 (naturally dropped out of school). Was back home with her parents before she was 17 (he beat her) but married.

My other aunts all married men who didn't love them or even respect them. My Favorite Uncle (go figure) cheated on my Auntie for the better part of their marriage. He would stay away for weeks at a time. She didn't care as long as he paid the bills. That's how they got their property/security. Marriage. None of them bothered graduating high school once they met a guy who asked them to marry them.

Oh let's just end it there and say Out of the very long line of relatives that lived before me?

I'm definitely doing better than they were.

answered Jan 11 by hnygrl (301,740 points)

The way it is now, you can truly understand why your aunt did not give a rat's tail of where the hubby was, because bills had to come first.

Even I had to finally accept that cold reality, but when the bills stopped being paid, that was when I knew the time was up.

Especially with children, they should at least have the basic things like shelter over their heads, lights, water, food, clothes, when that is not present in the marriage, then the marriage is over.

+2 votes

Only knew a few Aunts and Uncles and my 3 grandparents. My Dad's Mother passed before I was born so never knew her.  One part of Dads family were into a type of religeon that didn't believe in doctors or medicine. I think my Grandmother could have been saved and lived longer as she died from untreated heart disease. Most of the females on my father's side died of cardiac problems. They all worked very hard, Granddad in the coal mines, My Maternal Grandfather opened produce stores all over town.  No one had it easy.

answered Jan 11 by Cinders717 (2,696,940 points)
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