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 Image result for OBAMA MEMES

asked Jan 11 in In the News by mysticfemale12 (2,019,140 points)

4 Answers

+2 votes

Yep, he got us in a horrible fix.

They said he set out to destroy America, and seems like they were right.

The traveling speaker said,  " They set him up to fail."

answered Jan 11 by UnfulfilledDesires (2,762,580 points)

true, he completed that mission...sad but true.......naw obytch failing was his mission

+2 votes

But besides that it's all good.

That thing you did. Do it again.

answered Jan 11 by Bluegenel (1,985,791 points)

no Blue, it's not good....Image result for tears

+2 votes

his legacy is: Bombing more countries than Bush and getting away with it.

Bringing race relations back at least 50 years.

Forcing poor people to buy insurance they can't afford, or get heavily taxed. And if they want subsidized insurance? They'll be taxed later (a lot) should they start making more money...what awesome choices (sarcasm).

His attacks on freedom of the press, and the HR347.

NDAA, and Patriot Act extension that was sooo unpopular with liberals when Bush signed it -now it's "cool".

Politicizing every shooting to push some gun control agenda, and failed. Thank God.

Funding ISIS to power and freeing Islamic terrorists who only go back to being a...you guessed it, a terrorist.

Throwing our allies into the dust.

Accusing Trump of being a Russian agent while ignoring Hillary's actual dealings with selling Russia 20% of our uranium production while she was secretary of state. (Bill also made $500K speaking to a Russian bank)...but, CNN won't call them agents of Russia because, CNN is bought & paid for -they're fake news.

And dancing with celebrities so you might think he's cool. Too bad the celebrity thing didn't work for Hillary.

I could go on. But leave it to any random liberal to say I just don't like him because he's black, which of course, is not true -liberals just don't know how to debate.

"You are Fake News"

answered Jan 11 by Jillopo (319,900 points)

oh really u think this here is a good legacy of that sorry excuse for a president...

 How about letting 5 terrorists out of Gitmo for one American traitor (what a deal) and being a laughing stock? How about handing $billions to Iran behind America's back while you know they are still developing nuclear weapons (great deal). Just a couple more tough days in 8 years worth of them. As far as the disaster at Sandy Hook, your railing against the second amendment every time there was a terrible shooting resulted in tens of millions of more guns being purchased in the U.S. Another bad day I guess.

If you think this obamadummycare is symbolic you have a shock coming to you. With insurance companies like United health fleeing obamacare and millions of Americans without insurance paying a fine and others who have a policy and find it is basically useless with the high deductibles, the Affordable Care program is no longer affordable and on life support. The majority of Americans are now opposed to obamacare and want it either changed or repealed. putting this bill to a vote will reveal to the voters those legislators who are up for election and still support this failed program. You would think that obama would try to fix the problems with his program that is killing the middle class but he has done nothing. This vote will show voters who in Washington is causing the problems and need to be voted out and who is for the middle class. We need to stop this charade.

our vets are still poor, still homeless, warming centers are shutting down, places that provide help for our vets are gone, our teens/young adults cant go 2 school because our country "has no money/funding" yet, we seem 2 have money for obytches illegal dreamers and illegal Syrians who HATE US.....obytch hasn't deported anyone nor anything...our borders are wide the hell open....our country is falling apart and all this SOB did was take vacations off taxpayers dime...and you think this man was a good president...uh no he is the biggest fukk up of em all......  stop living in a dream world full of denial...and look at reality....if you are American then you oughta see what a fukk up obytch has been and is .... just look around at America and the hellhole it is in......

I agree with you mystic, everything I said in my original response post were bad things Obama has done. Obama is the worst president in history.

Calm down

Image result for lo siento


im sorry for being rude...I get worked up cuz I cant stand that damn man....

+1 vote

Didn't he already disprove the birth certificate rumor, though?

I didn't watch the last speech live.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

answered Jan 11 by king313 (803,690 points)

anyone can photoshop a birth certificate....ive never watched his speeches...

April 27, 2011 is when he publicly released his birth certificate.

Personally, I wouldn't have. Why didn't people question Bush about his? Was it about race again? Boo hoo.

Obama is a great speaker, he can entertain an audience. But how much fact versus fiction is in them..... ehhhhh..... I liked him but like any President, there are his positives and negatives.

I question if Obama is even from earth. He kinda seems like he came straight from the darkest pits of hell.

true that jillopo

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