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Do people who smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, have tattoos & body piercings, engage in dangerous/ risky behaviors?

+2 votes

Generally speaking, people do perceive someone who is known to smoke cigarettes/ cigars, drink alcohol, take drugs, have body tattoos, and have body piercings, as a person who is more likely to engage in and participate in dangerous and high risk behaviors, than someone else who does not smoke cigarettes/ cigars at all, does not drink alcohol at all, does not take drugs at all, does not have any body tattoos at all, and does not have any body piercings at all.

It seems that good, healthy and clean-cut people do not have any vices at all and because of their good, healthy and positive mentalities, they are better able to make more good decisions and choices than people who are known to have a lot of different vices for a very long time.

Just do it - Nike.

asked Jan 11 in Daily Life by Ronnio (245,400 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

No.   I know plenty of tattoo and body piercing artists who do not engage in any form of risky behavior.     I am not addressing smokers, except to say they know the risks, and they are addicts.  Not all drinkers are addicts, and drinking moderately is not necessarily risky.     When Arch tells you that you need to get out more, I  feel that is an understatement.

Smart people only believe half of what they hear. Smarter people know which half to believe.

answered Jan 11 by lavender (3,055,630 points)
+1 vote

Not necessarily

answered Jan 11 by Cinders717 (4,027,770 points)
+1 vote

The perception is there. The truth of speculation is likely not.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

answered Jan 11 by king313 (885,220 points)
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