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Belgium, but I haven't booked anything yet as the cheap deals on the Eurostar for the month I want to go haven't come up yet. 

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Truckee after the snow stops.

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England in April, May or July to see my boyfriend:)

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oh good for you. That is coming up quick.   How long do you normally stay there?


oh wow, 18 - 21 days is good.   How fun.  Hope it works out in your favor and he comes here, but it doesn't sound half-bad going there.  :)


Yeah, I get claustrophobia as well, so I would probably have to drug up with Valium.    Well, when you do see him, I a sure you will treasure the time even more.


That sounds fun.  Hopefullt he'll visit you.  How long have you been dating each other?


aw, young love :)   My husband and I sigh simultaneously by the 5th day when he's on vacation but it's not cute hahah    I am kidding.  




That's a long time.  Any thoughts about the future?

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We never go on vacation.  What I would like to do is go visit my father.  I have not seen him since 2014.  

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Actually, we may be going to Arizona and California. We are also considering Canada. I was actually just doing some research today on both places.

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...and my vote for the U.S. Virgin Islands just gets tossed?!


Canada you need a passport or passport card these days

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For our anniversary this year, we are considering Central America, South America, and Dominican Republic

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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My next vacation for myself will be Cooperstown.  I have yet to go, and want to, badly.  The next place will most likely be disney though

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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We will probably be going to Germany, but it is mostly a visit the relatives trip for my wife.  Mostly drinking a lot of beer for me.  I speak better German after a few beers.  Anyway, probably in the spring.  

We have been planning a trip to Bhutan for several years.  It might happen in the fall unless the new bozo destroys the financial markets or blows up the world.

I may try to get a side trip to Switzerland on the Germany trip.  Or somewhere.  We have the money for the spring trip, the fall trip needs the stock market to not be collapsing.

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Wish you the best.  Mein Wünsch für Sie ist ein gutes Reiße und eines Glückliches zeit


Thank you.  We will try.

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Depends on where you are taking me

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For me, it will likely be to the body farm for the long dirt nap after they pat me in the face with a shovel.

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We are still discussing it. Possibly a weekend trip to Catalina island around my birthday otherwise the next major trip will be our cross-country drive from California to North Carolina with a stop in Minnesota to see my father-in-law.

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Image result for what vacation?


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Our big trip this will be New Zealand.  We have a number of weekend trips planned as well.  We are going to the Austrian Body Painting competitions in Carrinthia.

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