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Why or why not?

The Leftists have left us!

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It's legal in my state, but I would never use recreational drugs. As a university student in his twenties, studying environmental science and philosophy, spending my time playing video games, partying, and listening to indie music; do I honestly sound like the kind of person who would use this... what's it called? Green demon drug! Pfft, I would never.

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Good one...

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For medical purposes I would. I've read many stories about how it has significant benefits for kids that have seizures and the government has allowed the use of in specific cases.

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I read somewhere the other day that it will become legal in the UK but I can't find the thing now.

I would use it if I ended up with a condition it's known to help.  I have arthritis and smoking regular illegal shit doesn't do anything at all. That's a total waste of time 

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You could always try baking it into a gay cake... 

I've heard from other people, not myself, of course.


I just found out about 2 mins ago that there even is such a thing as a gay cake. Now I want one really bad. 

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If I had a need I would.  I have smoked it in the past - NBD, I would not today due to random drug testing

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Already legal in mine. Nuff said.

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It is legal in my state.  Recreational too.

No.  I tried it when I was young, and my lungs don't like smoke.  No effect could be worth the coughing and hacking.  If sex did that to me, I could give it up.  Lol.

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It IS legal in my state. We even have "Pot Stores" now. Look at us, all progressive!

And if I absolutely needed it, and it was prescribed by a doctor, Heck yeah I'd take it.

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Medical marijuana is legal in NJ.  

With the way my lungs function now from seasonal allergies, I dont think I could take the smoke. If I were ill I'd try another holistic approach, but not pot. 

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