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Sooooooo unfair!

It's a Nothing Burger.

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5 Answers

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They should build the wall around you, with no great big door 

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

by (2,676,660 points)

Cask of Amontillado style preferably?


Too good for him, mad dog 20/20 is about his level...or good auld jakey  Buckfast.

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Because the Republicans wouldn't let you build it either! 

by (2,191,040 points)
+2 votes

Because they have no money.  You gave it all to the rich guys and increased the deficit by 2 trillion.  If you would couple your request with a special rich guy wall tax so they have money, I am sure that they would let you build it.

by (1,424,570 points)
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Yes, let every mutt into the US...I can't get a simple factory job do to our visitors....let's hand out all welfare and health care and make hard working Americans pay for it. Baaa

by (46,760 points)
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it's all a power trip. the democrats will lose votes without illegal immigration. and in so being Nancy is doing all she can before she eventually will have to wave the white surrender flag.  the wall will be built.

by (111,870 points)
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