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For education on a resume, is it necessary to list both my Associate degree and Bachelors? Or just Bachelors? Thank you! 

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Yes write what it's for. Associate degree in .......

List all from high school onwards but taylor your resume to the job you're applying for. Emphasis on the qualifications and experience necessary for the job by using the person spec

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Thank you! 

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Resume answer. Given you're supposed to tailor your resume to every single job. Refer to the details in the advertisement, job description and person spec. You could also email the hiring manager to get a better idea.

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Depends, tailor you submitted CV to each job

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It is for CBP.


Do not know CBP, sorry


Customs and Border Patrol


Sure, also make sure your background is clean


Luckily, it is lol. I am scheduled to take the entrance exam next week. 

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Education is always good.  It only costs you one line and shows you were doing something even if not applicable to your final degree.

I would put it on.

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At some point in your career, you will have enough experience that even if you do not list education, it will be ok. Until that point, list all education. Even if you did some online at Coursera, list it. 

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