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Q: What does VIP mean?

A:VIP status means you donate on a regular basis ideally each month or subscribe. Donations keep the website up and running. There is no minimum donation amount. The site remains ad-free for a better user experience.

Q: Uploading of Images

A:There is an upload button when posting questions, answers or comments.

1. Go to the Upload page
2. Make sure the file name of the image has no special characters in it
3. Upload the image
4. The image will appear on-screen
5. Copy and Paste the link from the address field of your browser into your question or answer or comment
5. Complete the rest of your question, answer or comment
6. Submit your question or answer or comment
7. The image will automatically display in your post

Q: Using Categories 'All The Rest'

A: Can members please try and use other categories. This is good for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and will drive traffic to the site.

Q: Most active members this month explained

A: An activity is an individual member posting a Question, an Answer or a Comment. UpVotes are not counted.

Q: Flagging posts?

A: As there have been complaints regarding the fairness of posts being removed the flagging system has been changed. From now Questions, Answers and Comments that have been flagged three times are automatically hidden. Members can only flag twice per hour and only once on any given post. Which means a post is only removed if three individual members agree it should be. This takes away the responsibility of removing posts from me Bluegenel as administrator of the site. I will no longer be removing posts manually. Flagging also now applies to anonymous posts. I will no longer be removing anonymous posts manually, three flags will be required. This levels the 'playing' field.

Q: Blocking members from private messaging you?

A: This can be done by request to myself Bluegenel. Please private message me with the screen name of the member you wish to block. I don't want to actively encourage members to start blocking each other and is only to be used as a last resort.

Q: How do I use the Mobile version of the site?

A: The Mobile version of the site can be accessed through a web browser on your mobile device. Go to your Profile page, scroll right down and change Theme to the Mobile option and save. To go back to the full version, select Desktop and save. You will need to enable 'Request Desktop Site' on your mobile device to be able to switch from the Mobile version of the site to the Desktop version of the site on your mobile device. To enable Request Desktop Site on your mobile device, go to the settings in the browser you are using and make sure it is enabled.

Q: Is there a mobile version of Answerology Reloaded?

A: Yes. A more user friendly interface is now available via your Profile page. Please see FAQ above.

Q: Mobile version of the site - some pages don't fit on-screen?

A: Go to the Desktop theme on your mobile device. The pages will then be able to zoom in and out.

Q: What do I have to do to gain the privilege of downvoting?

A: DownVoting has been disabled.

Q: Why do I always have to log on twice? I don't set things to "remember me" as I'd prefer others in the household not be able to just automatically log on as me. However, every time I come here I have to log on twice. It's not a big deal, but it is mildly annoying. Is there a simple fix for this?

A: This is usually caused by logging in via a bookmark on your browser. Go to www.answerologyreloaded.com then login via the login link at the top of the page.

Q: How do I send my question back to the top of the board?

A: There is now a 'bump' button displayed under your question. This will make your question seem more recent and send your question to the top of the board.

Q: What does [bumped] mean appended to a questions title?

A: It means the bump button has been used to send the question to the top of the board and make the question look more recent. This is done by the member who asked the question or by Bluegenel the administrator.

Q: How do I hide political posts?

A: This feature is currently only available to VIP members. Go to your profile page and click on the My account tab. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, tick the box next to Hide Politics category by Default and save changes.

Q: Bad Word List

A: If you don't like profanity you can opt into a Bad Word List which will replace bad words with ******. Private Message me at Bluegenel.

Q: Member/Guests Online

A: Guests Online = Members not logged in + Non-Members + Bots (eg google bot)

Members Online = Members logged in

There is a 60 minute timeout and activity is measured through page loads.

Q: Pop this question

A: This button allows you to ask a related question.

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