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I'm not sure how you get that he will support Roe v Wade should it come before the Supreme Court.  The most recent Roe v Wade ruling that Judge Kavanaugh was in the case of the 17-year old girl who was kept imprisoned in Texas even though she had legally applied for a legal abortion.  HHS acted as custodian for her and sought to deny her claim that she be allowed to leave and have the legal abortion for which she had applied and for which she herself was paying for.  She had been raped in her home country.  Judge Kavanaugh voted to keep her in custody until her pregnancy had gone beyond the number of weeks under which she could have had an abortion.  In other words, he voted to deny her her right to the abortion under the law.  That doesn't seem very "pro" Roe v Wade.

The very fact that he was on the list supplied to the White House by the conservative Federalist Society means he, along with the other 24 names on the list, was pre-screened for his conservative views.  After being pre-screened, that means he has the "conservatives" seal of good judge-ruling. Opposition to Roe v Wade and all the other conservative core issues are pretty much guaranteed.

As for his being a "Democrat pick," that's a lot of malarkey.  He was nominated by George W. Bush in 2003 for the Court of Appeals, and his nomination was iced for three YEARS due to the controversial nature of his choice.  

He drafted part of the Ken Starr report to impeach Bill Clinton; he was a political hire at the Bush White House for several years.  During his "iced" period, it was said of him, "if there has been a partisan political fight (Republican) that needed a good lawyer in the last decade, Brett Kavanaugh was probably there."  He also was involved in the Florida recount litigation that handed the presidency to Bush.

A  "democrat pick?"  Only someone who is trying to blow some smoke will say that.


81 - Good old Mother.


Hey, Amy. Do the math. 

It's going to cost you $8,000 . You'll save $250 a month. By the time you sell,  you will have saved  $2,500  (monthly savings of $250 x 10 months) by having lower payments. But that is $5,500 short of the $8,000 you're paying for the closing costs. 

If you were going to stay in the home for at  least 3-4 more years,  it would be worth it. (monthly savings of $250 x 36 months = $9,000 saved) But to spend $8,000 in order to save $2,500, makes no sense whatsoever. 


And the Trump family relies on Russia for money...Everyone's gotta get their stuff somewhere. 

  • "In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets," Trump Jr. said during a conference in New York in 2008.


Just for the sake of accuracy, it is not a Mark Twain quote.  It's from Oliver Wendell Holmes, and it is stated, "No generalization is worth a damn, including this one."


That's news to me.


Is it MY house or theirs?

Mine? They OWE ME BIG for screwing in MY  HOUSE like that. I'm gonna make them PAY. I'd leave them to it and go elsewhere, but they. will. pay.

Their house? I guess between 'come on over' and my getting there things got a little interesting...I'll see my way out.

And bleach my eyeballs while I'm at it.

Either way they will NEVER be allowed to live that down. I'm telling EVERYBODY.


If it says trump on it, I would rather be naked hungry and sleeping on the street than buy it.


I looked at it once.  Like you closing costs were too high to make it ever worthwhile for me.  I didn't owe that much on the place , maybe 10 years on a 30 year plan.

But I found that I could get a home equity loan for the balance of what I owed at a fraction of my mortgage rate and they have almost no origination fees.  I used the money to pay off the mortgage and made monthly equity payments.  I did this on two separate houses.

Good luck.

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LOL. Yeah, how dare we quote the Trumps when they say stupid shit? Especially if it proves what a bunch of lying sacks of shit they are.


Mind4, Thank you for saving me carpel tunnel in writing same.  This is one lousy Nomination.  It appears that Jim Crow and Union Busting/Employee Slavery is coming  back


I don't know where you Democrats get this stuff, but you need to stop.


"...republicans are held to a higher standard..." 

For 3 decades, Republicans have been babbling about how it's the party of "family values" and "Christianity" and "morals." Therefore, Republicans *SHOULD BE* held to a higher standard. When you claim to be better than everyone else and to have the moral high ground, you need to behave accordingly and if you don't, you're bigger hypocrites and worse criminals than those who never claimed to be speaking for God, as the Republicans claim to do.    

"There hasn’t been any evidence presented that Trump or his campaign was involved with Any Russian interference.."

I can't believe you typed that with a straight face. Every time Mueller shakes a branch of the Trump campaign tree, a Russian falls out.  


Depends what type of generalisation you're talking about. A lot of the time it's referring to something negative like stereo-types.


It's the heat I tell ya.. who can think right in this heat.

Heatwaves should be banned


HYPOTHETICAL? You stated something as fact! "The film was modified to put a make America great hat on the kids to not cause outrage, it was really an obama hat. Same facts: A man walked up to kids called the black child the “n word” took one child’s obama hat and assaulted another.

He’s out on bond"

Get Real! As far as intellectual limitations. Look in the mirror, you are unable to think for yourself, constantly drinking the Trump Kool Aid AND BUYING into whatever right wing fake news is posted online or Fox news! As far as my skin color I don't judge people by the color of their skin and that is instantly apparent to anyone with half a brain!  You are the one who is talking about skin color!  Everyone here knows I am against the racial bigotry you favor so frequently in your many disgusting posts!

To clear up your muddled brain, I NEVER stated that I was superior to anyone, UNLIKE YOU, AS you constantly boast of your superiority to anyone who disagrees with you! They are clearly not intelligent if they do not agree with your racist ,right wing neo Nazi ideology!.

As far as anonymous sources, anything coming from you or your Fake Right Wing sources would deserve to be questioned and researched! AF, You troll this site to trigger as many arguments as possible! We are on to you! No!!! Thank God I have nothing in common with a bigoted , right wing bully like you! As far as a bond with you, I don't even know if you are human with red blood running through your veins! Your privileged life has left you looking down your nose at those less fortunate in ways that are cold and repugnant!