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Always assume using the internet  is off limits, even on breaks.  You are a temp, you are there to work.  If you are bored on break bring a book

Always be discrete and demur, never discus anything beyond the weather.  If you talked about E, the camping trip, anything other than innocuous stuff you are toast.

You pissed off the Officemates and they decided to hang you out to dry.  Asking them about the internet was the kiss of death.

Always remember you are under scrutiny, always.  Always keep your guard up.  Always treat a contract job like it was an OJT interview.  Coworkers are not your friends, only coworkers

In our offices we have key click counters, usage trackers, and all sorts of other ways to monitor our employees.  We can tell when they are on social sites, we use this info to determine who gets promoted and who is given a chance to gracefully find the door.

If I remember correctly you are 21, you should have learned theses lessons earlier or had them explained.  You have time to recover, however not that much time.  BTW a Journalism degree is basically worthless, it relegates you to Temping or being a Barista.  So you are going to have figure a way quick to transition to a career type job


I may go out and buy a few Nike items...

Did you see the actual Nike Kaepernick ad? It's remarkable. 


I don't wear Nike, but how about people donate their unwanted shoes to the homeless instead?  


Sometimes no matter what you do, it's not good enough. People can do an excellent job and they get fired for political reasons or their face just doesn't fit. And even sometimes because the person in charge is simply on a power trip. I've been broke for about 22 years.



I do live in the mountains.  I do use a wood burning stove, but we have electric power that pumps the water and runs the lights.

And it's not a cabin.  I wanted a cabin.  The wife thought bigger.  So it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  But it is in the mountains.  It's like luxury camping.


Anyone that deliberately goes out and buys a pair of Nike's for the specific purpose of burning them has more money than sense. And I'm sure a lot of people have done just that.


Nope, have not even turned on the oven yet.  Been looking for the recipe to burn Nikes; not in any of my cookbooks.  Looked online, did not find any help there.

Seriously, cut the protest over Kapernick and focus on the facilities that make these shoes for Phil Knight and Nike.  Look at the Billionaires on their Board of directors along with the attitudes towards Labor.  I really thought Union busting and wanting Slavery again was only in bad novels


Nope.  And I won't.  

I agree with those who say that if you're upset with Nike, then donate Nikes to the homeless.  Burning them is, well, just plain silly.


I hope you are done with him. You just admitted you're past the point where you feel any pain from him. You deserve to find real love from a real man who will cherish only you. 

Quit looking at all that stupid crap on Instagram it only makes you sad or mad.



I'm so sorry this happened. But you *MUST* ask the temp agency why you were terminated. You *MUST.*

If the temp agency won't tell you, then I'd call my ex-boss and ask them politely why I was let go. Tell them that knowing the reason will help you know what areas you need to work on, to improve so you can do better in your next job. Be professional. Be polite. But DO IT. 

These are the times when you have to be pro-active and FIND OUT what your superiors were thinking, instead of just projecting or assuming. Then you have something to work with. 

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I mean, they made this about disrespecting the Vets by protesting but won't donate their purchased throwaway goods to them or the homeless?

To me, it's another hypocritical chapter in the legacy of blind patriotism. Fucking foolishness.

Because you only want to hear people agree with you, does not make the rest of the people a bully.  


I would love to visit South Dakota. That has always been a dream of mine. 


"I don't always hate your replies, but when I do, I flag them." 


Assholes are nothing to crave until 2AM bar close - Lavender trust me on this one.  Ooooh.... Assholes = Whitecastles

I don't need to defend myself.  You get what you give.  Plus, you need help - more than what can be offered in this forum.   As long as you keep asking the same crap over and over, you're going to get the same answer.  Your options are to either stop asking, get some professional help or deal with the answers here.  You're too old to be babied here, so I am not going to do that.


I have not taken shots at you - too easy.  All of your posts sound batshit crazy, but you just said that you realize you're sick, so sure, carry on....

Flag me. I am trying to get the stuffed bear.


One might argue you can scroll by and ignore Lavender's answers to your questions. That's what I do with some members on here.