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Swallowing semen can increase your risk of throat cancer. Psa.


Was going to say, "great her like any other girl", but I see that there are no other girls.

So I will give you some advice that it took me years to learn.

Treat her like she is ugly.  Don't be stunned by her looks and act like an animal caught in the headlights.  I.e. Don't do anything stupid.

Listen to her.  Talk and ask questions about anything, but then listen to her.  You would be amazed at how many guys don't listen.  They only look for places to talk about themselves.  

Laugh at her jokes and stories, even if pretty lame.  She will be doing the same for you.

If you want to be impressive, take her a flower.  Women love thoughtful surprise gifts.  No one does flowers anymore.  Flowers are cheap.

Try not to be critical, about anything.

Don't drool.

Have fun.


No, those protestors make me sick.

I believe there should be a protest zone, however the minute one of the protesters even talks to a woman going into the clinic they should be put to doing 2 years hard labor w/o parole.  Those people believe in Pro-Birth, they are doing nothing to support life.  These are the same people who attack Welfare, Food Stamps, Affordable Housing and  a whole lot more.

These protesters actually believe abstinence works.  Sick demented little minds that need a big stick to educate them.

End of Rant


If they don't want an abortion, they should not get one.  But they should not be allowed to dictate what other people do at a legal facility.  

Protesters should be allowed at politicians place of work, assuming some of them actually do something, or at their homes, but not at legal businesses.

How would they like it if protesters were out side of their churches shouting insults every time they want to go in and talk to their invisible force.  I think that there would be an exclusion zone pretty fast.


I can't stand wraps. I just can't.  I do like a good burrito though once in awhile.   Wraps remind me of the snotty ass white people in my last town who would serve that shit at work with little toothpicks through it and pretend to be dainty while eating it.  I want a dripping messy burrito with substance, not some green ass wrap.

Wow, sorry. I have not had much coffee yet.


I'm pretty sure that is what has always been done except for pre-social media you saw mostly the nice car in the driveway and the neat yard while inside hid the crippling debt and alcoholism and now it is a non-stop bombardment of other people's lives and how "#blessed" they are. 


Maybe ask what he thinks.


No need to be in awe of her.. She is human, lives and breathes, eats and eliminates.  Talk to her like you have known her for a long time. Above all make her comfortable!  Make it an easy conversation, about her life and interests and normal things that are going on in the world.  Talk about food likes and dislikes as you are going to be eating so a safe subject.  Other than saying how nice she looks DO NOT TELL HER HOW HOT SHE!  Or that this is your first dinner with a female!   Look clean and casual in your dress.  Good luck;)


when you are mature enough, you will understand that no matter what a woman appears to look like, she is a human being.  Just because she is aesthetically gifted, that doesn't give her superpowers

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"The Central District Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond, Virginia, declared definitively to Newsweek that Heyer’s cause of death was no heart attack. Spokesperson Arkuie Williams said during a brief phone interview Tuesday that after more than two months of examinations, it was determined that Heyer died of “blunt force trauma to the torso,” and that her death has been ruled a homicide."


It's funny how these immigrants are taking all the jobs while living off welfare at the exact same time.


Blue they don't care who did the killing, a "400 pound chain-smoking land whale" life doesn't matter!!  Incredible!


haha...I'm with you!!

It goes over there with onions, Broccoli, and oysters.  In the sh$t I'll never  eat pile!!


Just all bad news


its a trap that captures women


lol...once u get married it's trapped and will never get out!!!


Yep I hear you, seen that way too often:(


I recall once upon a time where you tried to justify what happened in Charleston.

I was right. There is NONE to be had for being rammed by a damn car. No narrative, no explanation, nothing can be logically rationalized to make it seem as an accident.

My mistake.... I did mean Charlottesville. 

I ain't sleepy no more so I can speak my peace.

The far-right crowd did have a permit to assemble a lawful protest. SO DID THE COUNTER PROTESTERS from 9 am to 7 pm on the same day. 

Different accounts will, of course, say the other started it. I'll say I've read more independent accounts where the far-right threw the first punches on both Friday night AND Saturday but I won't lean on it without doing further inquiries into it. I can tell you with all certainty that the leftists locked arms on Friday night and some were called "monkeys" and "n*****s" before it got physical.

However, on that Saturday of the events, this is what the police chief said in the timeline of events:
"A few minutes before 11 a.m., a swelling group of white nationalists carrying large shields and long wooden clubs approached the park on Market Street. About two dozen counterprotesters formed a line across the street, blocking their path. With a roar, the marchers charged through the line, swinging sticks, punching and spraying chemicals.
Counterprotesters fought back, also swinging sticks, punching and spraying chemicals. Others threw balloons filled with paint or ink at the white nationalists. Everywhere, it seemed violence was exploding. The police did not move to break up the fights."

I do agree the police were ill prepared for crowd riot control and were found to be at fault by an independent review led by former U.S. attorney Tim Heaphy. He said it was poor communication, preparation, and a lack of command-and-control. 

Based on this and the fact the far-right came with "weaponry better than the state government", they came more prepared for a fight. In spite of this.... at the end of the day, a person died at the careless hands of a reckless driver who was identified as having Nazi ideologies by not only his mother but high school teachers as well. So it does not matter how you twist it, these are objectively indisputable facts. 

Jophus, when this topic came up before, you seemed to justify the killing, similarly to how you are passively alluding to the same stance now when there is none to be found. It was deliberate and intentional to plow through an entire crowd of people. They upped it to first degree murder, which indeed is justified.